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Covid-19 post lockdown challenges. A guideline on how HR team should change their orientation to overcome daily HR and Payroll challenges.

Since the inception of Covid-19 in India, no one has relaxed for a bit amid lockdown too. Some are taking it as a vacation and some are taking it as an opportunity to plan and get ready for the new systems.Below is Step by Step Guideline for HR Team on How to over come the challenges faced by HR and Payroll Team post Covid-19 Lockdown
The Corona pandemic has affected many businesses no matter how established and well planned they were. The new guidelines from central and state government suggest maintaining social distancing even after lockdown gets over. WHO clearly stated that it will be long war with Corona as it is going to become a major part of our lives.
Many businesses were blessed with the forecasting and were all set to give their employees work from home as cloud based solutions are a blessing these days whereas many adopted the trend in no time. This trend of working from home was not a debut but every being wasn’t ready for it.
The most engaged department of organizations is none other than the Human Resource Management. The companies face most of the challenges in keeping all the wheels on single cart. So the staff management team has to be all set to carry the burden in smart way.

How a good HRMS solution can affect the entire organization?

  1. Lockdown has bought a lot of frustration already, bad system will gift nothing but more stress :

    Yes, it’s not only sarcasm but a research says that staying at home is not digested by many kinds around us. When you have an option to ease down the work and save a lot of time using a good HRMS then why not!

  2. Employees are at multiple locations which affects the overall productivity :

    You might have never imagined your employees sitting at home and working as per their ease. But now, it is going be a new normal. It obviously does not mean that you do not expect them to deliver up to the mark performance. Tracking your employees by using a good cloud based performance management will save those important minutes.

  3. Hr and Payroll Automation tools will run those projects and tasks from now :

    Businesses are now using cloud based software and  ERP solutions to manage entire work on single platform. HR team has to become that proactive to provide Employee MIS reports and Payroll reports in hours of time. The companies are no longer people dependent but process dependent. To become a part of this flow, HRMS should be the strongest pillar.

  4. There will be a significant increase in’ WFH’ in longer run :

    Work from Home’ is extremely working well these days which will lead to increase in management of employees and track their activities. The implementation of good staff management software should be on priority. A cloud based HRMS Solution which will ease down the entire life cycle of an employee on single platform right from on-boarding  to exit.

  5. Implementation is more important than the actual modules of HR and Payroll software you choose:

    You will know the HRMS Software you have selected is the best for your company when that cloud based tool will help you in giving a complete solution which will manage Recruitment, Attendance, Payroll, Asset Management, Expense Management, Leave Management on get set go. It should optimize your entire HR Process.

In these difficult times, situations are going be more unpredictable. Even after the lockdown is over, the new normal is going to be hardest part of evolution. This is the time to analyze existing systems and identify the pain areas to fix them on priority. Employees will be scared of their own colleagues with whom they have been eating lunch from years, not everyone will be able to travel to offices soon. Staying away from each other and giving productivity at the best is new target now. The best decisions taken will give best results. The difficult time shall get over soon, Stay Safe!


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