How to turn an Underperforming Employee into a Superstar?

While it is important to reward the superstars in your organization, it is also important to acknowledge that there are bound to be certain under performers too. Well, under performers not only fail to meet their own objectives, but also have the potential to bring the performance of the entire team down.

Given that your business depends solely on the performance of your employees, it is always a good idea to evaluate the performance of your employees from time to time. In order to turn underperformers into superstars, it just takes a little understanding and a slight push from mentors to get them to perform like super stars.

Here’s how you can identify them and help them grow and see them shine like a superstar!

Identify underperformers

The very first step is to identify underperformers. This can be easily done via performance management software. These software tools provide enough information to understand whether an employee has performed above the bar, below the bar or way below the expected performance level. Once you have identified the underperformers, half your job is done.

Set and agree upon goals

Set clear and challenging goals. Setting lofty goals could lead to higher achievements and many times works well with employees. While setting goals, you will also need to define milestones and define a path towards achieving them. It is said that a leading reason why employees underperform is due to the mismatched expectations – because the manager has not made the performance expectations clear. Hence, after you have identified underperformers, it is highly essential that you set goals – clearly!

Encourage self evaluations and performance appraisals

Once you have set goals as well as the milestone, it is wise to regularly and continuously evaluate the goals set. It’s not only about the manager evaluating the employee. It’s about the employee performing a self evaluation too. Well, the use of performance management software is hence if utmost importance here. You can clearly understand where you stand from your milestone and then take informed decisions as to how to achieve them.

Provide mentors

Well, everyone could use a little help. Under performers need just the right mentor to make them see the difference and grow. Make sure that the mentors you select lead by example because actions speak louder than words and employees will look up to these mentors whenever in doubt.

Well, there are a number of other considerations as well. For example, it’s important to understand the root cause of the underperformance. This root cause needs to be addressed – otherwise no matter how skilful your mentor is, the employee will be stuck below the bar. If an employee does not have particular skills, may be training is the answer. Unless you nail what’s causing the underperformance, there is no way you can transform them into superstars!

If you are looking for performance management software for your organization, contact us and we can discuss your specific requirements in detail!