How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Payroll Management

Analytic tools can help human resources activities to make them more efficient and effective. But few activities have much potential for immediate financial benefit as Payroll Management and get analytical insights from it.

Beehive Payroll offers benefit mix from almost all the angles of management right from getting the transactional activities to pure automated transactions, getting compliance done and having appropriate MIS and analytics handy / readily available. Payroll is one of the key activity the HR/finance department with their routine day to day transaction Beehive payroll is well equipped with capabilities of having seamless integration with other HR transactions and database. Payroll Processing is transactional in nature and automation can help companies to increase the productivity across the finance and Human Resource department also it can lead to huge cost saving in terms of efforts, time and accuracy. Payroll Analytics can enable companies to identify and address fraud and wastage with speed and accuracy.

With Payroll Management We deliver the benefits-

  • Easeful Process  — With Payroll Management, your payroll responsibility is reduced to a simple function of communication each pay period. From salary credit to tax payments to the preparation of quarterly and annual tax returns, your time investment remains minimal, allowing you to focus on what’s most important…managing your business.
  • Accuracy is always on top — Keeping track of the ever-changing statutory regulations can be a nightmare. Why bother? With Beehive, you have the comfort of knowing your payroll is being expertly handled. We guarantee all Statutory taxes will be filed and paid accurately and on time.
  • Data Confidentiality & Security — where earnings or deductions are concerned, agreement on confidentiality can be highly destructive for any business. With Beehive, your payroll information is kept strictly confidential, and can be accessed only by those authorized to do so, keeping your business safe from any potential disasters.
  • Flexibility — we offer a variety of payroll input options, allowing you to choose what’s most convenient for you. We also provide comprehensive, easy-to-analyze management reports. system features extensive earnings and deductions categories, so delivering enough flexibility for . Most importantly, we’re prepared to grow with your company, offering a wide scope of payroll services such as direct deposit, pretax health insurance, workers’ compensation premium payment, and other services that can provide great value to you and your employees.

Beehive Payroll is Integrated- Integration with other related process can eliminate manual reconciliation of data required to perform periodic payroll process. Integration can lead to accuracy of data companies can avoid risk of data manipulation., Beehive Payroll offer as integrated solution which includes Attendance, Leave, Reimbursement and Loan & Advances.

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