How to manage leaves effectively?

Excessive employee absenteeism can cause a lot of disruption as well as loss of productivity, profits and morale. This disruption in work and the excessive work load then stresses out the other members of the team and negatively impacts their morale. There are a number of reasons why employees avail leaves such as stress, burn out, illness, family responsibilities etc. Whether paid or unpaid, leaves cannot be avoided. Managers need to find a way to ‘manage’ these leaves such that they do not impact the project or the organization’s profits as a whole.

Here are a few steps you could take to manage leaves effectively in your organization:

Ensure that you have a clear policy in place

The very first step to manage excessive absenteeism is to have a policy in place. The policy must be easy but definitely must not have any varying interpretations. It should outline exactly when an employee is entitled to avail a leave and for how long. It must also outline when the leave will be paid and when it will not be paid. Once the policies are clear, employees will also understand their boundaries and moreover, it will give them a better basis to plan their leaves as per project requirements.

Act from day one and enforce the policy

Once the policy has been defined, it is important that you act on it from day one. If the organization does not reinforce policies even employees will take things lightly and this will lead to increased leaves and absenteeism.

Monitor trends

Monitoring trends is an essential part of leave management. Well, once you know the peak times of major absenteeism, you can be better prepared for workforce reinforcements if necessary. This means that you can derive an ‘expected’ work force and plan your projects accordingly.

Use the right tools

In order to manage leaves, it’s important to use the right tools. There are a number of software available to help you monitor the number of leaves availed by the employees, the number of leaves that they have balance and historic data of all the leaves availed. This software also enables employees to enter their leaves which can later be approved by a manager. Such kind of automation greatly reduces the manual work too.

Review regularly

Well, with automated leave management portals, you can easily review the number of leaves availed by each employee. You can also gather historical data and analyze how these leaves impacted your projects and company profits as a whole.

Absence is difficult to manage and a tricky problem o solve. Having an automated leave management system could be of great help and ensure that your organization’s absenteeism does not impact your project delivery and profits as a whole.

If you are looking for an efficient way to manage absenteeism in your organization, try leave management software that is easy to configure, use and maintain. Request a quote here!