How the CEO-HR Officer Relationship can change in 90 days

When you enter a senior HR role at a company, the first 90 days are crucial to having a good relationship with the CEO. As a new chief of human resources or a CHRO, you need to use the first three months to make an impact within the company.

Of course, as the new blood you will have a lot to learn about the company. You will have to lead a team of professionals and build solid working relationships with them. These three months are also crucial to being noticed.

While you may think that it is going to be a breeze, you need to make an effort to get yourself on your feet. There isn’t a book of instructions on how to do your job right, after all. All you have is your ability to learn on the go. Following a few steps and tips could help you more than you know.

Think before you act

The first thing you need to do is look before you leap. Don’t rush into anything. Stop what you are doing, observe your surroundings and process all the information before you act. A common mistake a lot of new CHROs make is to jump right into the action without a second though.

Assuming you have all the answers is the worst thing to do. While you might be right about the course of action you are taking, you have to remember that you are now a leader. You need to build stable relationships with the employees, peers and your own team within the business. Listen to how they do things and follow their examples. Work with them, not against them.

Focus on learning

You need to educate yourself before you start in on your duties. First off, you should probably look at the role the HR department plays within your company. This includes taking a look at the pecking order, the structure, the tech, and the people as well as their special skills.

In addition to this, take some time to educate yourself about the business itself and its strategies. Learn about what it takes to be successful. Identify possible challenges and people who could be a benefit or a problem. Build good relationships with both the CFO and, most importantly, the CEO.

The CEO is key

The most important relationship that you need to develop as a CHRO is with your CEO. It might be hard to get this done, but when it is, it will pay off better than you know. It will also be mutually beneficial to both you and them.

There are 3 roles you should look to fill at least one of in order to get closer to the CEO, and achieve success in your tasks easily. They are the trusted advisor, the architect of success, and the people person. Each of these will be more than valuable to a CEO.

Since they are surrounded by directors and investors they can barely trust, CEOs are most often looking for someone they can confide in. As the CHRO, you are in the best possible position to fill these shoes. Get to know your CEO on a personal and professional level. Starting and doing it in those first 90 days is the best, most effective way to get here.