How Beehive Supports Your Dream HR Technology Stack

Beehive supports you to connect a various HR applications to its HRMS (Human Resource Management System) through pre-built integrations. If you are looking for the appropriate applications for various HR practices, you could approach Beehive’s system, which comes as a single platform with the integration capability and automation. The HRMS allows you to use as a system of record for your employee data and share employee data with any other applications you use. All applications can interact with each other, enabling you to save time, address administrative challenges, achieve visibility, and extract excellent user experience for employees and managers. Also, if your HR technology buying criteria includes the ability to support managers and enrich employee productivity, then Beehive’s HRMS is the best option.
Beehive is one of the fast emerging leaders in HR software applications, helping clients in easily handling the entire gamut of HR activities covering an employee’s life-cycle right from hiring through retiring stages of employment.
Beehive’s HR Technology Stack helps companies improve the human resources administration while heightening efficiency and reducing costs. The modules in the stack automate standard functions and make the delivery of services to employees more convenient. The stack is available as individual modules and also as an integrated suite for Human Resource Management. All the modules are subject to continuous development, incorporating the new and growing needs of the industry.
The stack is full of a wide range of HR function modules, including but not limited to Employee Self Service, Attendance, Leave, Recruitment, Goal Setting, Performance management, Payroll, Reimbursement, Grievance, Employee Exit, and On-boarding. Remember, all the modules or the complete HR technology stack is available to you as an on-premise model and also as a cloud-base model.
It is your choice, whether you want a module installed in your system or want to have a web-based access. Importantly, you can get a preferred module customized as per your business specific needs.
Companies that don’t have HR software in place often face many challenges when they are expanding or switching to a professionally managed organization. While it is imperative to focus on business goals and plans, at the same time, it is inevitable to divert the focus from people who are the most valuable asset they have. They find it very arduous to focus simultaneously on their core business and the operational people issues without a proper HR support. Beehive can address this problem by providing the companies with the solution in terms of a required HR practice module or the dream HR technology stack, empowering them to continue focus on their core competence.