How Automation Can Help Smoothen Offboarding Process

Every organization wants a perfect team comprising of dedicated employees who contribute to organizations growth. It shall not come as a surprise that this relationship comes with an end date. The end of this relationship can be by termination or resignation.This process can be highly tedious. The off-boarding process is often inconsistent, incomplete or even overlooked. If off-boarding is not performed correctly it can lead to company data and systems being put at risk through hacking or legal action for unfair dismissal claims – both serious issues for any organization. A poor off-boarding experience can also leave exiting employees with a bad impression of the organization, making it unlikely they will return or recommend the employer to their network Human touch though essential can be difficult and time consuming – A systematic approach is hence required.

An Employee separation system in an HRMS is the perfect way to ensure that the process is done with utmost efficiency and effortlessly. Beehives E-separation module helps to make the off-boarding process seamless. One can communicate the decision to terminate employment automatically. Counseling can be done by the HR professionals online and an exit interview could be conducted in an automated fashion as well. Moreover, final settlements can be authorized automatically, without an HR manager having to go through unnecessary details. There are numerous points to be kept in mind during the separation process. An appropriate software can help you uncomplicate the process and help you maintain consistency throughout the organization.

So when an employee resigns or is terminated from his/her services, there are many process that an organization needs to make in order to effectively end the relationship between the company and the employee. The company has a responsibility towards the employee which may extend beyond the period of employment and this is the primary focus of the exit procedure. Beehives– E-separation is a complete module to manage the process of full and final settlement of an Employee. For smooth Exit process it helps manage all the Exit Activities and allow HR to create full and final Checklist. Employees and all heads responsible in the Exit Process activities can be notified through Email alerts and can view their pending activities through Self Service.

Beehive offers the following features to help make your E-separation process less painful:

  • Notification to all department heads
  • Full and Final Settlement
  • Assigned Assets tracking
  • Department wise approval for exit process
  • Pending dues status
  • Full and Final Settlement Report
  • Exit Interview

Beehive can automatically generate the necessary documents that employers and employees must complete before the contract ends. It also provides an audit trail to ensure that all the necessary steps have been completed and documented before the employee leaves. The last impression is always as important as the first one, which is why we help you retain those bonds by making sure your employees say goodbye on a happy note.