Employee Grievance Management

HRMS solution Software with Grievance Management

Simplest grievance management system-delivering happiness

Grievance categories:

Proper Grievance handling is a key of employee engagement, with Beehive you can create/define multiple categories of the grievance and the stakeholders/process owners to work on the same respectively. This will result in a more transparent and caring environment for employees and they will be more engaged with the vision.

Platform to raise voice:

If any employee is facing any kind of issue with working environment/ resources/ infrastructures / behavioral challenges etc.. they can raise a grievance ticket and based upon defined workflow and TAT it will get resolved/escalated to next level for the detailed investigation and closure on the grievance.


Each grievance type based upon the severity/category can be defined as a separate workflow and this may include a panel / multiple stakeholders OR a dedicated department. You can define the reporting levels and periodic escalation matrix to ensure your employee's grievances are getting addressed by the defined TAT.

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