Goal settings

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Aligning the employee goals with the goals of the organisation is vital to the success of the organisation. The eventual target of every organisation is being the most successful. This goal is impossible to achieve without the help of its most important asset ‘The employees’. Every single drop contributes in the making of the ocean, so on similar lines the contribution of every employee is critical in achieving the end goal of the organisation. Hence, special attention is to be paid to goal settings in an organisation

With the incredible advancements in technology, Goal settings could not have been left far behind. So beehive’s goal settings application has been offered to help you set and track your employee’s goals efficiently and effortlessly. Our system allows you to provide for feedback, improvising communications amongst the hierarchy. Implementing Beehive’s Goal settings application into your systems is a one-time task, which shall improve the processing of your organisation forever.

Our solution has the feature to set goals for an employee under the vigilance of a subordinate or a manager, who can track all details of the projects assigned to the employee, effective deadlines etc. Multiple milestones can be set against a single goal with the facility to track the employee’s progress in real-time basis. The supervisors can provide for their feedback and review against the goals which will help guide the employee move towards the same direction as the vision of the organisation. Our solution offers some of the advanced features like the employee has the facility to sign off against a set goal. If the goal has been achieved, the employee is permitted to sign off against the goal with the required comments if any. An ongoing communication is initiated between the supervisor and the subordinate with the 360 degree feedback section.

Beehive’s goal setting application shall aid both the managers and the employees alike. The features of this solution has been developed having an employee centric view. Hence it has a user friendly interface that shall not just be effectively used by the employees but also will serve the purpose of use for the supervisors. The software makes it easy to communicate the goals of an employee amongst all the concerned stakeholders’ only with single entry, making everybody accountable to support those goals as a part of the company’s strategic plan. The system can also be used to include menial tasks and short term milestones, which are stepping stones to achieving long-term milestones with a metric as to how will success be measured against the goals achieved.

The goals in an organisation can be pushed from the higher levels of the organisation to the lower, the company’s vision can be displayed on every employee’s ESS portal so that everybody is well informed prior to setting their individual goals. Individual goals can be linked to others if their goals are dependent on the completion of another employees goals i.e. co-worker, supervisor etc.

Beehive’s dashboard provides a comprehensive view of your performance against the dates set for review by the employee or the manager. With Beehive’s mobile application the supervisor can review the progress and performance of the employees more often and efficiently. Tracking employee work now is made effortless with this application. The review can help the employee define more realistic timelines, understand the pace of his work etc.