Geo Tagging

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Geo tagging is the function of linking the location to the particular activity, the information of the location can be tagged in the form of geographical metadata to images, posts, websites etc. This feature is location based and traces the location from devices like your computer, mobile devices etc. and is powered by the global positioning system also called as the satellite positioning system, the location is automatically tagged on the basis of the co-ordinates of the metadata.
With the massive advancement in the field of technology, Human resource had to be affected by the advent of technology. Beehive has come up with the one of a kind, comprehensive and robust mobile application that helps you always be in touch with your workforce irrespective the location.
Our application is the frontrunner amongst the mobility applications. Providing ease and convenience our application helps you conduct most of your HR activities through the mobile application. It is available both on android and iOS.

The complexity of handling the workforce can worsen if the organisation has branches in different locations. Then with the Human resource department in the headquarters it becomes difficult to trace down every little detail of the employees accurately. Also cases where the workforce is distributed in different locations and have to travel to deliver their services. Beehive’s geo tagging feature is the only solution to such organisations. The mobile devices are synced with the global positioning systems and hence once the employee checks in or out from a particular locations, the metadata of the location gets updated into the system. The location can be easily traced back by the supervisors.
The geo tagging functionality is a must have application for organisations whose employees are travelling to multiple locations for work. Once the geo tagging is done for a particular location the employee can work freely without having to worry and make note of all the location he travelled to.
The reportee will be able to track the employee’s work routine effortlessly and the use of geo tagging shall make the work of validating the data of travel also more authentic.

The reasons why Beehive’s geo tagging functionality is a must have in all the organisations irrespective which vertical they belong to:

  • Constant tracking of the clock-in and clock-out of field staff
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Accuracy in payroll
  • Improvement in the performance of the team
  • Prevents time thefts
  • Every employee can be tracked
  • Reports and analytics of hourly, daily, monthly yearly data of the employee
  • All the data is regularly backed up in the cloud or the server
  • Tasks can be divided on the basis of departments, units or branches.
  • All the outdoor requests and over times can be accurately monitored.

Beehive’s geo tagging feature of also offers location based employee time and attendance tracking, all of the attendance data can be accumulated in a single source and can be retrieved effortlessly whenever required, creation of virtual boundaries that will automatically increase efficiency of the employees, since all of this data is highly secure unique login and passwords shall be provided to every individual in the organisation. Having an efficient attendance management system is imperative for an organization as it increases overall productivity.