Geo fencing

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The terminology geo-fencing refers to setting up a virtual fence around a particular location. In case any person with GPS connectivity enters the fenced location, the device triggers an alert for the same. With beehive’s geo fencing facility you can trace any device in the fenced area with absolute ease. It is a location based service and is used to enhance the accuracy of the attendance data for the field staff. Beehive’s mobile application is available both on android and iOS.
Mobile has become the most accessible device in today’s world. Most services are moving from web based to mobile applications to increase the accessibility. Beehive’s mobile application can help define geographical boundaries that can be accessed by the employees, which can restricted to a particular set of employees and at a particular timing. The entire application is master driven so there is scope to configure the device workflow and attendance rules as per your organisational policies. The geo fencing feature of our application helps improve the accuracy of the time and attendance data as well as enhance the productivity of the company.

Geo fencing becomes super useful when you have a larger workforce with staff having to travel for work. It is mainly designed to track the field staff. Beehive’s geo-fencing application permits the super user or administrator to restrict the locations on the GPS, as to where the employee is permitted to punch in and where he is not, In case some employees are prohibited from entering the fenced areas then a blocker shall not allow for these employees to mark their attendance from such areas.There have been cases where employees from other department have entered the restricted area, these employees shall be barred from marking attendance from the prohibited area. The geo-fencing feature helps restrict and differentiate the employee punches.

Some of the major reasons why Beehive’s geo-fencing application is a must have in all organization worldwide:

  • Manage your hourly workforce with ease with geo fencing
  • Avoid time thefts and enhance accuracy in time checks with our geo fencing feature.
  • Reduce the unwanted punches and know what the exact clock-in and clock-out timings of an employee.
  • No more need for bio-metric machines and kiosks. Get rid of the hardware costs and attain higher efficiency as well.
  • Employees working on the field will have the feasibility of marking attendance from any office as long as it is inside the fenced location.
  • Maintains highest levels of security and also provides for notification alerts in case of breach of compliance
  • Our application is absolutely configurable providing the functionality of setting clock in and out timings on the basis of departments, grades positions etc.
  • Timings can be set for breaks and lunches in the master itself.
  • A single view can be procured for employee’s attendance data, for a day, month, quarterly or yearly as the need be.
  • Employee’s daily contribution in hours can easily be traced by both the employee and the employer.
  • The geo-fencing application helps avoid any manual errors whilst recording or re-entering the attendance data into the system.