Why Should You Gear Up Your Performance Appraisal Software?

By integrating learning and performance management, organizations can effectively identify workforce trends in a more predictive manner, target organizational capability gaps and build effective training programs that are directly aligned to business needs and goals. Effective convergence of learning and performance management creates an opportunity to diagnose and bridge the gaps.

Here’s how:

Produce development plans that work

When performance management is tied to the learning process – both employees and the organization benefit from the results. The employee trainings and development plans align directly with the organization’s goals and can be directly linked to the company’s overall strategy for success. Employees take trainings more positively when they understand that it is directly linked with their performance evaluations and merit considerations.

Use the right tools to identify training needs

To begin with, start with the right tools. Identifying the training needs is the very first step. Training needs can only be identified when you know what is lacking. Use of performance management tools ensures that you have sufficient data to understand what is lacking and where the shortfall is. Once you know where each employee stands and what you require to get them to the expected level (or exceed that level), you can identify exactly what training is required. Whether it technical learning or soft skills, you can decide what kind of ‘learning’ each employee requires so that they can fulfill their job responsibilities.

Align training needs to organizational goals

Only analyzing the shortfalls in employee performance is not enough when you are planning for an employee development program. You need to strategically align the training need to the greater goals of the organization. Only then will any kind of learning or training be beneficial to the organization. It’s important that each employee be evaluated and training gaps be addresses so that you can take important decisions about learning and development of your employees. The ultimate goal however should be to focus on ‘how this learning will foster organizational growth.’

Make learning opportunities more visible

After you have identified the gaps and have mapped the training requirements to organizational goals, it’s important to make these opportunities available to all of your employees. Learning opportunities should not be restricted and available to only a few. It’s important that all those who desire to be trained on a certain aspect of your business, be provided the opportunity to do so. It’s hence your responsibility to make these opportunities more visible.  Every employee values the learning opportunity they get. So, make sure that these opportunities are not open only to a few whom you perceive as deserving, but open to all those who wish to avail.

To sum it up, let’s understand that everything in an organization is interlinked and it circles back to the abilities of your employees to perform their assigned tasks. Performance evaluations, identifying gaps, creating development programs and aligning them to your organization’s goals seems to be an inevitable cycle! So, get the right performance management software for your organization to begin with! For consultation Call Us Today! +91 22 6699 9525|sales@