Flexible & Scalable

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The attribute of scalability is defined as the capability of a system to nurture the increasing needs of a growing organizations. Beehive is absolutely scalable as it can adapt to the changing requirements of your system with growth e.g. the size of the organization, creation of multiple branches, and increase in employee strength. The solution can help streamline even the most complex of processes. Our solution is flexible to suit the growing needs of clients and the end users.

Our organizations are growing with the growing economies. Every organization needs to be equipped with the right talent for satisfying the growing needs. Talent acquisition, management and retention has always been a tedious task for the human resource departments. In case the organization is in the verge of growing and is not equipped with the right tools and setup to handle the growing requirements it is a platform to failure. In order to handle high volume of growth companies need a flexible and comprehensive solution like ours.

Beehive’s solution can be accommodated by companies of any size, employee count, location, vertical etc. As our entire solution is master driven it can be configured to mold based on the company policies into being a part of your organization. We are equipped to accommodate any organization. We are already supporting complete hire to retire process automation needs of organizations across globe.

Beehive gives you the power and the flexibility you need to do run and automate your business more efficiently. With broad-reaching yet modular, offering maximum flexibility to tailor the right set of features and functionality to your needs and budget. It provides the flexibility to create and manage leave, attendance policies, payment structures, organizational structure, define workflow, etc. System triggered notifications shall be sent if any of these policy rules are overlapped to all the concerned stakeholders as per defined in the system.

With the wide ranging selection of modules and applications than any other solution available in the market, absolute flexibility and scalability for enhancing productivity is available. Beehive assists your business in processing payroll more efficiently, managing human capital effortlessly, recruiting with ease, seamlessly performing all your functionalities, and much more.

Our mobile application helps you track your field workforce sitting in the company headquarters with the features of geo-fencing, geo-tagging and employee field tracking. With this beehive is also providing for flexibility of working on the go! Employees can access all of the required information through the employee self-service portal in the mobile application. The managers can check the requests and approvals of their team, track attendance, monitor check-in and check-out timings of their teams, etc. increasing accessibility of the solution at any given time of the day from any location.

Flexibility of Beehive’s HRMS amounts to the ability of our application to integrate with the business processes of the HR department of your organization. Our solution also provides flexibility of setting up your own approving workflow that enables you to put in place effective control, yet still maintain efficiency. Beehive helps ensure that all the key business processes are being followed and is completely complying with the company policy.