Five Best Talent Acquisition Strategies For Finding Top Talent

A specific position may prove difficult to fill without the right candidate. A successful business can’t succeed long-term without the best, most talented employees, regardless of the state of the economy and your talent pool. Talent acquisition strategies are essential for hiring because hiring can be a challenge.

What is talent acquisition?

Talent acquisition involves identifying top talent and convincing them to join your organization to meet organisational needs.

Talented employees are critical to your success in the long term, regardless of vacancies. This can be accomplished through talent acquisition while addressing the organisation’s long-term needs.

To find out how to acquire talent effectively, we need to understand what talent acquisition is.

Talent acquisition strategies

You must implement several key talent acquisition strategies to ensure you find the best candidates.

Optimise your career site

A potential candidate’s first interaction with your company happens on your career site. As hiring increases in 2021, your career website must be optimized so candidates can easily find and understand how to use it. Mobile-ready job search and application processes are crucial for your career site. 

As the workforce demographic changes, many people will access your career site and apply for jobs only using their smartphones as their computers. 

The site’s key features and content must be optimised for mobile platforms to achieve the same experience on mobile devices as desktop web browsers.

Maintain a regularly updated career site, so returning candidates see new information and not just the same old material.

Ramp up remote hiring capabilities

The pandemic could make remote work necessary for some time, so being able to hire remote workers will be crucial. For remote hiring to be successful, it is imperative to have an entirely digital hiring process. 

It is essential that jobs be posted online, interviews conducted via video conferencing software, and documents sent, received, and signed electronically.

Follow the goals of your organization

It would be best if you tailored your acquisition strategy to meet the company’s needs over the next 3-5 years by considering your business goals. Recruitment usually focuses on finding employees to fill vacancies within departments; talent acquisition. 

On the other hand, typically considers how your company will expand in the long run and then seeks employees who can make that possible.

Your business may not have all the talent it needs yet, but you need to consider what type of talent you will need to achieve long-term goals. Make sure you invest in suitable candidates for your company, as they will pay off in the long run.

Use artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Recruitment and talent acquisition technology increasingly focuses on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Various recruiting processes are being improved and automated using AI and machine learning, including:

  • Selection of candidates from a large pool;
  • Examining resumes;
  • A candidate’s suitability for a job needs to be determined;
  • Identifying any language that is unsuitable or biased in job descriptions, offer letters, and other correspondence;
  • A chatbot; and
  • Recruitment metrics, analytics, and trends.

Some ATS platforms have these AI capabilities, but other software or add-ons are sometimes required to take advantage of them. You should investigate whether an ATS vendor has partners who can provide these types of capabilities, if not.

Request candidate feedback

While you have the best intentions regarding talent acquisition planning, there are often areas in which improvements can be made. Candidates should be asked about their experiences throughout the selection process to understand precisely what they are. 

Qualtrics, Medallia, or SurveyMonkey are popular employee listening platforms and survey tools you can use during the recruiting process to get candidate feedback. The feedback collected can help identify areas for improvement when aggregated.

Bottom line

The best way to find top talent isn’t to rely solely on traditional, short-term methods like sending LinkedIn messages or attending job fairs. An effective talent acquisition plan will lead to a better employee experience and top talent acquisition and retention.

The world is filled with talented individuals. As a business leader, you must invest in talent acquisition since there are more candidates than ever looking for employment. 


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