Every details you need to know about Employee Service book

Employee service book is a system that manages all information about the employees of an Organization. A service book of an employee contains information from joining till date. Employee service book remains as a identity of an employee in an organization, it shows the history of an employee and boosts his/her confidence. Traditionally all this works were done manually by the HR Officials, but now more and more companies are opting for automated service book systems.

Following are the users of the system:-

1. Self-Registered users – The registered uses can fill up his/her service details, after completion which can be submitted to Establishment In-charge.

2. Data-Entry Operator – The entry operators can be hired by organization who can fill up the service details of the particular department of company as per request.

3. Verifying Officer – An Officer In-charge is given the responsibilities to check the entered data credibility of data entered by employees or data operators.

4. E-Correction users – After verification of service book authorized E-correction users can rectify the errors as directed by verifying officers.

Above discussed points shows us the users who will be using the system.

Next we will know about what information’s are generally provided in employee service books. Following are the information’s:-

  • Personal Information- Like name, employee code, posting office etc.
  • Employee family details – This portion contain information of the background details of the employee.
  • Initial Joining Information – This portion contains information like joining date, Joining office, state, mode of recruitment etc.
  • Educational details – This section contains information regarding the educational qualifications of the employee. And information regarding extra-curricular activities if done any.
  • Employee Training details – This section covers information like Training Institute name, place, type of training, date of starting and ending, sponsoring details etc.
  • Lone Details – This portion shows about the loan liability of employee. These also includes sanction details, sanction date, loan amount, time of return etc.
  • Nominee details – This portion contain information about the nominee of the employee.
  • Service history details – this portion contain information like the establishment details and financial details.
  • Departmental proceeding details – This portion have to be filled up by the employee if there is any charges levied on him/her by department.
  • Previous leave balance – This portion contain information regarding the leaves already taken by the employee, amount of leaves remaining etc.
  • Account backlog – This portion contains information if any financial loan was taken by employee but was not able to return it on time. So this become current liability of the employee.

So this were some basic functionalities of the employee service book, basically it provides all the details that can be accumulated against the employee. It helps the management officials of the organization to take periodic actions or decisions as per requirement. This also provides a overall history of an employee this can also act as an asset. Employees gets the assurance that all his dedications and contributions towards the organization is noted and if he continues to work he will be rewarded. This in turn improves his morality towards organization.