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In today’s business environment, the importance of streamlining processes and ensuring time is used as efficiently as possible, is increasing like never before. Enablement of employee self-service systems is one of the important cases of a time saving practice now being implemented at every level of organization.

Workforce Services redefined-

Benefits Employee Self-Service offerings:

Defining Access Levels
Defining access levels in the organization is the key success factor in achieving transactional excellence, with the robust configuration engine companies can control over defining access to respective stakeholder within organization. Each role has some critical information to be displayed OR hide, Beehive helps in defining the access based upon the role of an employee.
Easeful process
Automation and workflows are the key elements in managing the process in an easeful manner; Beehive HCM is well equipped with handling all kind of HR transactions right from creating a request for hiring new resource till separating the employee from the organization.
Setting up the workflows is not challenge anymore, defining a workflow process wise / ado workflow for ad hock requests is simplified like never before. Automated workflow based alerts can boost up the efficiencies and can be resulted to a healthy and transparent working culture.
Reduced Attrition
Attrition is on the major HR challenge faced by almost all the business vertical across the boundaries. Reducing attrition is directly proportionate to developing the interest / motivates the employee in organizational goal. Beehive helps in reducing the attrition through implementing the world class HR platform for employees and open platform to talk about their concerns OR queries also the suggestions if the same can be handled through a systematic way of handling the grievances employee would feel motivated while working with the organization.
Documents Tracking
A document tracking is one of the important task every HR department is performing, managing the documents should not be a complex. Beehive offers centralized repositories to store employee documents. Tracking the validity of documents / identifying the stakeholder associated with the documents generation is no more challenging for HR team, Beehive has inbuilt features which would help in getting this information in few clicks.
Integrated claim processing
Workflow based claims processing eliminates the fake claims / excess payouts. Mobile based claims submission an approval adds the ease in the claims processing. Finance will have their own view to claims submitted by the employees. Payroll and claims engine are tightly integrated with each other. Payout within a salary / off salary can be easily modified and paid accordingly.
The problem with a lot of companies with a human element is the inability to prioritize. Because of this, issues that could be of grave importance are sometimes delayed for ages, until it becomes too annoying to ignore. This can result in some very disgruntled employees. This can be easily fixed using a grievance management HRMS module because of the many features that it offers, all of which can be used to keep employees smiling knowing that they are being looked after.