How to get detailed insight on employee performance utilizing Task management software?

Gift your business a Task Buddy!

With Beehive Task Management Software:

  • Enhance employee productivity and performance
  • Improve communication within the organization
  • Get automated analytics
  • No human dependency, complete process oriented software
  • Easy Implementation
  • Goal setting through OKR (Objective Based Key Result areas)
  • Set, Track & Achieve!

Beehive Task Management Software helps companies of any size and segment to track employee’s performance and enhance their productivity. Task Management Software of Beehive is developed especially keeping in mind the hassles of tracking each employee’s tasks. The technical team has not left a single gap and has provided features on minority level. At the end, you time is most important asset for your organization’s growth.

Why is Task Management Software important for an organization?

Whether you are running a small or large set of business, your employee is the base of every activity. Salary of each employee in your company is a continuous investment. As an entrepreneur, ROI (Return on Investment) on each penny invested is to be analyzed. Your company demands some value from each employee in order to grow. To get the right analytics, you need to track your employee’s tasks progress. You need to be well informed about progress on each ongoing project and everyone’s contribution towards the same. The main objective of Task Management Software is to make your team highly efficient and accountable on daily basis.
The analytics and information generated through Beehive Task Management Software is also very important in employee reviews. It generates motivation within the team to work towards actual goals. This way every employee whose goals match with the company’s vision gets rewarded.

How companies can get benefits by using Beehive Task Management Software?

  • Optimize the usage of Task Management Software:

    Yes! This is the first and most important aspect ever! This is the biggest mistake you can ever commit. Implementing the solution but not using it at fully. Let’s have a look at the core problem;
    Everyone has their own comfort zone, very few are ready for any type of change. When you introduce new software in front of your employees, initially they aren’t so comfortable and end up motivating themselves for not using it. When you purchase a Task Management Software in India, you have to make sure that it is well implemented in every one’s work life and Beehive Task Management Software takes over all your implementation related hassles. Beehive team believes, only a software well implemented gives you best results and ROI (Return on Investment).

  • Timesheet management in Employee Task Management Software:

    Timesheet is an analyzed data which reads time spent by your employees on each task. This way you can calculate the actual time spent by your team on a project. Use of timesheet makes your employees more efficient in their work. Previously in old school days this work was done manually on papers. With Beehive Task Management Software and Time sheet Management you;

    • Save time
    • Automate the processes
    • Improve budgeting
    • Have transparent communications
    • Efficient project management
    • Save Money
  • OKR (Objectives & Key results) Technology in Task Management Software:

    OKR means Objectives & Key results. Businesses use OKR strategies/tools to achieve better results. They keep a close eye on efficiency and speed. Basically, there are two aspects of OKR,
    Objectives-The Quality and Goal setting
    Key results: The Quantity that is end result.
    OKR and Performance Management go hand in hand but are different. OKR sets the direction of the company in terms of goals, planning, speed and efficiency overall. It’s not about any individual. The concept of OKRs (objectives and key results) is a set of best practices for setting, sharing, and tracking goals in ambitious organizations. With Beehive Task Management Software, you set the perfect OKR’s for your business because of following main features:

    • Goal Management
    • Progress Tracking
    • Strategic Planning
    • Dashboard
    • Analytics

Beehive Task Management Software provides a relief to key members of companies. It is designed in such a way that you save a lot of time which is mostly invested in detailed monitoring. It gives you an actual analytics on the basis on which you make strategies decisions for the future of your organization.


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