Employee Rewards & Recognition

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Every company is made up of one common component i.e. employees. Employees are the most important asset in every organisation. Hence it is of utmost importance to keep your employees happy for improvement in productivity. Employee happiness is no more just another terminology used by the human resource department to trick employees during the hiring process, but it is an authentic standard of measurement and directly proportional to the productivity of the organisation. If employee is dissatisfied, discontent or discouraged, the individual is likely to switch from such a position. Energy, time and cost can be saved in replacement and training a new hire by making sure that your existential employees are happy in the organisation. Recognizing and rewarding talent in your organisation has become one of the core activities of the organisation. It helps motivate the employees, boost morale, enhance retention and improve productivity.

If a negligible amount is set aside for the rewards and recognition aspect of an organisation, the ratio of cost that is saved by avoiding a lot of other collateral damages. The returns of investment will be totally worth it! With the increasing number of organisations the different types of processes have also increasing. Our rewards and recognition is completely a master driven program, with the feasibility to mould itself in to being a part of your organisation seamlessly. Constant communication with the employees is highly essential to enhance employee engagement.

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Employee review and feedback should be effective, fun and harmless making the employees confident to share their grievances if any. Recognition will help boost employee motivation, morale and encourage them to outperform the expectations. This will directly increase productivity and revenue proving to be an asset in the long run.

Regular feedback and real time review is the only way towards sustainable growth of the organisation.

  • Timelines can be pre-defined for performance reviews. It can either be conducted annually, half yearly or quarterly. But goals can be set as and when new goals have been identified. Smaller milestones can be set to reach long term goals. With real time feedbacks available, the employees get regular updates to their work and performance. If the targets or milestones are achieved recognition rewards should be provided in order to create a positive attitude amongst the employees and encourage him to keep performing beyond expectations.

With Beehive’s goal setting application, you have access to more than the daily timesheet of the employees, you can ask the individual to set individual goals for daily activities and track the status of the same. With the analytics and reports you get all of the employee’s performance records in a single point with predictive analysis to help you make more informed decisions. If the employee is underperforming training can be provided to the individual to prepare him to be as the rest hardworking employees.
Recognition and rewards have successfully been seen to increase sales, bring in higher profit margins to the organisations and increase the rate of retention. With the positive return on investment, a rewards and recognition program should be treated as a part of the core strategy of an organisation. The fact that numerous organisations are yet losing out on having a powerful workforce by associating with a strong employee rewards and recognition application and are losing out on gaining an extra ground against the competitors by placing the power and focus on your main assets – your employees.