Employee On-boarding Software: Welcoming Tool For Your New Employees

On-boarding or as we say, the organizational socialization is a process that helps new employees in grasping the compulsory knowledge, skills and customary code of polite behavior (protocol) and train them in becoming an effective part of the organization. It’s often emplaced and wielded by HRs in order to gather all the significant and inclusive administrative documents with ease, make all the new hires aware of the responsibilities of their roles and also equip with required tools and resources so that they can seize the provided opportunity and proceed at a fast pace with great enthusiasm since the very beginning of their carrier.

It might have a colossal cerebral effect on new hires and might lead to greater employee retention because a pragmatic, distinguished and positive on-boarding experience might propel an employee to stay long with the organization. So, it works like an opportunity- not only as mentioned above but also in cutting the turnover cost. When a company or an organization reaches out to and engages an employee before the day they start working; it takes a lead as compared to others in the same field, by provisioning them with necessary information and thus building momentum, excitement, and vehemence that the employees need.

If needed, it may allow the employee to give their valuable feedback and thus make them feel an integrated and important member of the said society.

Don’t forget that the more efficient your mechanism is; the better it would shape the perception of your organization and its management in the employees’ minds and would make them feel welcomed and also enthusiastic about your organization. After all, we all know that our first impression is the last impression. Nevertheless, it also helps to keep the Employees’ schedule arranged, according to the planned rooster, and tightly structured too which results in they becoming pro-active.

So, it’s advisable and very necessary to make, if possible, not only an inter-departmental but also an intra-departmental on-boarding team and Beehive software helps you with this issue.

And if you are worried about the amount of mind-numbing paperwork that comes with this process, we save you from that by making the job as simple as you want. The automated paperwork within our software helps you deliver the best on your employment brand and hence, justifies its implementation cost.

The application and usage of any software or tool to automate many employee on-boarding related jobs such as mentorship, tracking performances and achievements of each member, disbursement of salaries on time, payroll coordination and much more will certainly escalate your growth by making the job simpler and easier.

For greater involvement and transparency, one needs customized software and Beehive is the one-stop solution for all of these concerns. It addresses a myriad of aspects of an employee related as well as an organization related data. We customize almost every aspect that one might need.

For example:

Extended Employee Profile, Timesheet and task on-boarding, Talent Acquisition automation, Travel and expense management, Leave management, Documents Management, Payroll management, Robust rooster management, Reimbursement management etc.

If you are looking for employee on boarding software for your organization, then you can contact beehive software. You will get customized employee on boarding software for your organization.