Employee field tracker

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In any organisation employee tracking is essential for the betterment of the business. Monitoring the employees provides the organisation with a measure on the employee’s productivity, accuracy in employee attendance tracking, enhance security and the total amount of hours worked. No more time- thefts and incorrect data accumulation.
All of the activities related to human resource department can be streamlined with the help of an HRMS software. Beehive’s mobile application is like a feather on the cap. It not just helps in streamlining the HR processes but has completely removed the problem of accessibility. All of your HR functions are now available on the employees’ fingertips. All of your activities right from daily attendance, travel, reimbursements, payroll, and employee directory etc. are easily accessible through the mobile application at any time from any location.

Beehive’s employee field tracker is a boon to any industry wanting to track their employees location, hours worked, route travelled, distance travelled, call logs, expenses incurred with the invoices on real-time basis. Improve business performance with accessibility to your data bank at any time of the day with minimum efforts. Our application can be used for any employee that has movement as a part of their KRA e.g. Executives, delivery boys, sales agents. Drivers, marketing agents, etc. An employee tracker helps gain maximum accuracy in the hours worked by the employee and hence, assists in reducing time thefts and errors in payroll calculations.

  • The entire workforce can be tracked on real time basis, as the real time location shall be displayed in the web module of the software which can be accessed by the stakeholders, with accurate location sensing, the managers can conveniently keep an eye on the movement of all of their subordinates through a single window.
  • Attendance punching is made super-efficient with geo- fencing where the attendance can only marked once the employee enters the fences area. Giving in the accurate check in and check out timings of the employee.
  • Reports can be generated for all of the employees attendance to have an in depth analysis to the performance, as punctuality is also a quotient in many organisations. The managers can also trace back dated attendance data to check efficiency of the employee
  • The employee shall be guided with directions to the location as our application is directly linked with GPS.
  • The employees can submit their claims for reimbursement and check for the approval status on the real time basis. The copies of the invoice can also be uploaded during the travel.
  • Analytics and reports can be created for daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly review. The employee’s attendance, performance, meetings and other categories can be custom selected.
  • Beehive’s mobile application comes with a super user friendly UI with simple controls for adding, modifying, suspending, and removing employee data.

Beehive’s employee field tracking application has come in handy and is very popular amongst many organisations belonging to different verticals. The application is absolutely versatile and customizable, the entire design of the application has been based on the changing market trends and is up to date with various industrial requirements. Beehive has been attaining excellent review from its customer base for our uncommon and employee centric features.