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Employee Engagement

The process of employee engagement can be defined as one where the goals of the employees are aligned with that of the organization. Times have changed and this has also meant that the rules governing organizations have changed as well. One of the most important factors for companies these days is the happiness of the employee because this is one thing that can have a major effect on the growth of an organization. It can very well determine whether a company succeeds or fails. It is very important that your employee feels valued and engaged at all times. Then only they will feel the urge to deliver to her or his complete potential. If your employees feel unengaged you would experience the following issues in your office for sure:
  • Absenteeism
  • Office Politics
  • Job Accidents

How can employee engagement benefit you?

It has been seen that companies that engage their employees through various strategic media see an increase in the productivity of the employees. You should not, however, confuse productivity with the number of hours spent in work. It is rather the number of hours where the employee has put in work. If you engage your employees they would always want to work harder and these are the ones that are always the more productive.

Instilling a sense of trust

When you engage your employees you are instilling a sense of trust in them. At the same time, you are also giving them greater room for flexibility and agility. This way, the employees also become a lot more supportive and adjusting concerning the changing situations of your company. In the competitive world of business, this is a great value to have for sure. In some cases, you can provide them work from home facilities because the working hours in your office may not be the best option to utilize their productivity or efficiency as such. This also means that you trust your employees to get the job done within a certain period.

How can our solution help in this regard?

The HRMS (Human Resource Management System) of Beehive comes with a self-service portal that empowers your employees to a significant extent. This also encourages them to be engaged at all times. They can now take care of the following with a few clicks of the mouse:

  • Storage
  • Leave Applications
  • Check-time in and time out records
  • Approvals
  • Payslips
  • Payroll details

Our HRMS system helps you integrate all your HR processes in an efficient way that is sure to help you engage your employees to a greater extent. It also comes with a polls and surveys module that would help your management and HR Department get a better idea of your employees right till the bottom level.

The importance of a great on-boarding experience

It is known that you need a great on-boarding experience that is as engaging and efficient as any. This helps to retain more employees, especially the better ones. Our HRMS is an intuitive system that helps your new joinees to complete all the formalities that are necessary for becoming a part of your organization. It also teaches them the culture of your company and at the same time, it informs them of what is expected from them. This goes a long way in helping them settle quickly in their new roles and has them engaged from the very start itself.

Helping with self-assessment

Our HRMS system is so good that it helps your employees assess themselves regarding how competent they are. They can measure themselves concerning the work that is being assigned to them. This way, they are also able to analyze the skills that they would need for their present jobs as well as future ones. This way, they can easily track their progress as well based on the standards and criteria that are set in the system. They are also able to integrate this information with performance management as well as other HR processes like recognition and rewards. This is a highly integrated approach to talent management. You can be sure that it would be immensely helpful in improving employee engagement throughout your organization. Employee engagement leads to greater productivity and helps the employees perform a lot better. This provides innovation and value to your company. Thus this investment in the Beehive HRMS can be regarded as a strategic decision that can help you drive employee engagement and thus get better results for your organization.

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