Employee Development – How Is It Linked To Performance Management System

Employee development plans really work when they are linked to performance management. The two can almost never be treated as two separate entities. Both are interlinked. Well, whenever any employee thinks about his career path, they need to see ‘growth’ in terms of moving forward in roles, gaining experience, learning in order to move forward and of course monitory growth too. A number of people quit their jobs because one or other of these criteria are not met.

Well, successful organizations focus on performance evaluations that enable them to build an ‘employee development’ plan for each employee. These reviews enable you to pin point where ‘gaps’ are developed and help deepen their skills as well as validate their contributions.

So, how to create an employee development plan that is linked with performance management?

Work together to develop goals

Even before you begin thinking about employee development or performance management, think about the goals you wish to achieve with both of these. You will need to set goals for your employees that are aligned with the goals of your business. Otherwise all your efforts could be all for naught. Start by considering what your organization’s long term objectives are. Then identify the necessary skills, knowledge and competencies that are required to achieve them. Secondly understand what the goals of your employees are. Make sure that the ultimate goal is about the same.

Use performance management software to check where each employee stands

Next, you will need to know where each employee stands currently and how far they are from the set goals. Well, your development plan should essentially bridge this gap. Once you know what the gap between the goals and the skills is, you will be able to decide what kind of training, coaching or consulting the employees need in order to achieve their goals. Performance management software are a good place to begin with. These kinds of software help you manage almost all aspects of your employee’s performance. They give you historical data and show you the progress too. You can leverage from these applications to set goals, keep track and understand how your employees perform too.

Decide what skills your employees need to attain those goals

Once you have all the data from the software readily available, you can decide what skills your employees need and where they fall short. You get a glance at what your employee’s abilities and experience levels are.

Create an action plan and apply the new skills in the workplace

The next step is to create an action plan. Arrange trainings, one on one consultation and coaching if necessary. It’s important that you provide your employees with a means to achieve their goals. After all, they are aligned to the greater goal of your business.

In order to get the greatest returns on your investments, you need to put the newly acquired skills to work and make sure that they work in your favour.

Above all, a development plan not only ensures that your employees are knowledgeable and efficient, but also improves the overall performance of your organization – a sure key to success!