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Employee Database Software


Need of Employee Database Software :

Monitor status of work
From employee database job status can be checked centrally or distributed way.
Time and Labour Management
Different activities like labor management are one of the time-consuming processes. With the help of this, system Organization can easily update as well as a record of such activities of employees.
Employee Interface
Through this employees can edit their personal details as well as view their work performance, salary details, and check other important data related to their job.
It also helps about recruitment details of the employee for training and benefits of the Organization.

To run an Organization smoothly several features should be included with the database. These are :

  1. Manage Employee :
    With the help of pre-defined employee form Organization can easily manage the employee record.

  2. Easy Addition of Employee :
    Through the system recruiters can easily manage and add employee. Administrator can notify the stuffs about their work.

  3. Locate Employees faster :
    It is not only centralized database but also powerful dictionary of employee. It helps to find their co-workers smart way.

  4. Know Organization Tree :
    Department and Employee details can be shown in hierarchical fashion. Through which Organization structure can be managed.

  5. Online Calendar :
    Day-to-day worker management can be done. So that managers need not to keep diary with them.

  6. Absence Management :
    Easily manage holidays, events and personal absence of employee. Authority as well as workers can see this.

  7. Document Storage :
    Update employee as well as HR document in a safe mode for future use.

    1. Advantages :
      1. Provide computerized system for maintaining records.
      2. More efficient as well as reliable.
      3. Less time consuming and easy to use.
      4. Huge data storage with less computer memory.
      5. Avoid human errors and efforts for maintaining daily data.
      6. Avoid data manipulations.
      7. Also avoid data inconsistency & redundancy.

    Architecture of the system :

    Such kind of system could be integrated with other Information systems or modules:
    Accounting Information System (AIS) – designed to transform financial data into information, or Management Information System (MIS) that provides decision-oriented information to managers, and so on. “Organizations depend on Information Systems in order to stay competitive. Productivity, which is crucial to staying competitive, can be increased through better Information Systems.”

      Used Technologies :
      1. Jsp
      2. CSS
      3. JQuery
      4. Javascript
      5. JDBC
      6. Cloud technology
      7. XML
      8. Servlet

      Objectives of the system :

    1. Time and Cost Effective
      Software based Employee Database management system is less time consuming as well as cost effective also. No extra human resource is required for record maintenance.

    2. Database Creation :
      Various database is created for different department and their workers.

    3. Flexibility :
      It is easy to interact with the system for users.

    4. Security :
      Data are kept in secure manner so that anyone can retrieve or access the system without proper authentication.

    5. Informative :
      There are various field are present about the employees, their departments, job status and so on that are helpful for the Organization authority for reviewing the work process. It is sometime embedded with external HR software and with core HR systems that serve as central repositories for workforce data. This application also gives self-service options that help workers to request days off or to enquiry paid time off balances without having to ask the HR department, resulting in reduced paperwork and enabling HR employees to focus on strategic activities.