Employee Database

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Maintaining accurate data is one of the most vital functions of the HR.

Some of the mandatory fields of data that need to be maintained are as follows:

  • Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Contact Information, Joining Date, Telephone numbers, email-ids etc.
  • Previous employment details i.e. Company Name, Designation, Years of experience etc.
  • All of the details regarding Grade, Department, Reporting Manager, Location etc., of the current company
  • Statutory and Payment details like Salary group, ESIC number, PF number, Income Tax, PAN, Investment and Tax declarations etc.
  • Apart from the above, HR also maintains information on Passport, Visa, Nominations, Company Assets, etc.

Ensuring the accuracy of the data and maintain up-to-date information of the employees is considered as one of the most vital roles of the HR Department as it helps influence a lot of the organizational decisions by Managers and Management based on this data.

Beehive has a centralized database which lets you manage and access all of your employee data from a single point source. With the assistance of our premium employee database management application, the user can efficiently track the Attendances, Expenses, Timesheets, Leaves, Appraisals, promotions and transfer etc. Keep a track of the entire employee lifecycle right from recruitment to retirement and monitor the improvements in your workforce over the period of their tenure at a single place. Our solution takes paper and form driven processes out of your organisation making all of your functionalities paperless.

Employee data base

Comprehensive employee profile with all the required fields of information with role based access to all the stakeholders within the organization.

Employee Career History

Thorough tracking of the employee movement right from recruitment to the last day of working including transfers, promotions, in short a complete employee progression report.

Statutory Information

Get access to all of the employee’s statutory information at a single place, no more file browsing is needed. Making your organization repository more concise and helping your organisation go paperless.

Ease in access

Information has accessibility from anywhere, at any time as our application is web based, it can be accessed with any device having an internet functionality.


The highest levels of security have been maintained as the data bank consists of all of the employees personal and professional details.


Beehive’s application helps you save time and money. No more need of cabinets and rooms for document storage. Get unlimited storage on cloud which will not just help you save space but also it will help reduce the risk of losing data during incidents of theft or fire.