Employee Confirmation

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Once an employee is recruited, generally he goes through what is referred to as the Probation Period of one to six months. During this period, the company and the employee analyse and review each other to decide whether they would like to continue their association with the other. At the end of the probation period, the employee’s work shall be put under review and the employee shall analyse how his happiness quotient and the organisation shall track the employee’s contribution. If they both are assertive on this, then the organisation confirms the employee’s status with it.

Employee’s confirmation process involves a lot of quotients and is difficult to track for every employee and hence, to ease this process Beehive’s employee confirmation application automates the entire process with the facility to track the employee’s contribution to the organisation. This gives managers and supervisors a single view review and an opportunity for the assessing the abilities of the employee to perform all facets of their said job role. The probationary period proves to be beneficial as it provides the organisation a glimpse of the employee’s capabilities to do justice to their job role and achieve their targets efficiently. Beehive assists the organisation to evaluate the employee’s performance and aptness in the firm. In order to make an informed decision, Beehive helps the organisation set performance standards and objectives, with regular reminders to the respective stakeholders to provide feedback, and evaluate the employee.

Employees hired under trainee or probationary status can be updated in the system. Once the data has been updated in the system , an automated confirmation driven process allows the various stakeholders- the employee, his manager, HR Manager to register their feedbacks which can have three possible outcomes –

  • Employee is confirmed
  • Employee’s separation is to be done
  • Employee’s probation or training period to be extended

Beehive’s comprehensive HRMS suite acts as the backbone of the HR department providing support at every step of the employee life cycle. A single platform wherein the managers can access all of the employee’s data personal and professional. It also provides for transparency between the employee and the organisation helping instil trust of the employees in the organisation. Emails and excel sheets can serve the HR but with limitations, with Beehive you can explore limitless possibilities of employee engagement and efficiency. The effort and time wasted in paperwork and filing shall be long gone once you associate with Beehive. Retrieve data at a single click, saving time, money and efforts diverting employee energies toward working on organisational goals instead.

Beehive moulds itself to fit your organisation by providing scope for customizing the work flows as per company policies. Auto reminder email as notifications will be initiated to all the stakeholders to review the probationary Employee and change status to confirmed employee as per the feedbacks. Confirmation Request can be initiated by the employee or the HOD, this request will flow as per the work flow defined by the organisation. Policies around training and probation period for assessment are configurable.
Beehive’s employee confirmation application also facilitates the functions of deputation, promotion, pay revision, transfer, confirmation, pay mode change, re-designation, and letter generation.