Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

One of the main functions played by your HR (Human Resource) team is improving the productivity of your employees. When your employees are more productive it spells better for your organization. There are several other benefits of having a productive workforce that may be enumerated as below:
  • cutting wastage of time
  • boosting engagement
  • improving communication
  • raising the levels of happiness across your organization
This, in turn, makes sure that your costs are lowered and you are earning more profits as well. The HRMS (Human Resource Management System) solution that we at Beehive offer to you empowers your employees and encourages them to be engaged at all times. It does so through the employee self-service portal. On the portal employees can check the following with ease:
  • Leave Applications
  • time in and time out
  • records
  • approvals
  • payslips
  • payroll details

A sense of independence

This provides them a sense of independence and fills them with a sense of trust as well. It provides them greater room for flexibility and agility as well. They become a lot more supportive and accommodating keeping in mind the changing demands of the business world, which is ultra-competitive, to say the least. This particular module of employee benefits also includes an employee dashboard that comes with the following facilities:
  • viewing leave calendar
  • leave balances
  • applying for leaves
  • Flexi basket functionality

Helping HR departments

With the help of our leave applications system, your HR department would be able to set up a leave policy that is non-discriminatory and impartial in the truest sense of the words. It would provide you complete flexibility when it comes to areas such as configurations and workflows. With the help of our analytics and MIS (Management Information System), you would be able to get a highly detailed view of the leave patterns. This will help your HRD (HR Department) to come up with the best leave policy for the given circumstances. When as an organization you can automate your leave system it helps your employees enjoy their leaves without hampering the productivity of your organization. Automation also helps you keep monitor critical areas such as compliances.

Time and attendance management

Our time and attendance management system are at par with the best in the world and it is focused on the employees as far as design is concerned. We know that when employees are happy the organizations are happier. When you have a system such as the Beehive HRMS you have all the flexibility and power in the world and you can free yourself from regular work that is boring, laborious, costly, and inefficient. Now, all you need to do is get the basic data you need to get the system kick-started.

Flexible pay benefits

We at Beehive offer employees flexibility in the way they structure the pay benefits. With this system, they now have the power to select the heads that they would like to be applied in their salary structure. As far as empowering your employees is concerned this is a great way indeed. This is because here the employees can decide the components that they would get listed for.

Travel and expense application

With the help of the travel and expense application of Beehive the employees can make applications for travel, which are then sent to their immediate superiors for approval. The system can also allow the request to be configured so that the concerned departments can be notified in this case. Our system works so well that data flows seamlessly from one department to another. This means that there is no need for double entries and this helps reduce errors as well.

Applying for loans online

The employee self-service portal also enables the employees to apply for loans online from just about any device that enjoys web connectivity. This is because our software is a web-based one. After the applications are made they are then sent to people who handle these matters. The work, in this case, progresses as per a workflow that is already spelled out.


Our HRMS portal can be called a blessing in disguise for people working in your company as well as your company, by extension. This is because it can make all the processes and work a lot simpler. In this case, your staff need not visit HRD to get clarity regarding the various HR activities they take part in. on the other hand, HRD will also be spared the effort of publishing its policies on paper. This would help save valuable resources. HRD too would be able to broadcast its policy changes with greater ease. The same goes for the new notifications as well. This will streamline communication throughout the organization.

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