Do you know know what your employees feel about the organisation?

Description: Surveys and polls play an important role to study or understand more about your organization & employees as well. So if you want to study about your organization or employees then look nowhere than Beehive software as we have the perfect solution for you.
Surveys and polls are an essential part of any business organization. Firstly, one needs to understand the pros and cons of both polls and surveys before deciding which one to choose. You have to first understand what you are exactly looking for or rather what kind of answers you are looking for which can help you arrive on some conclusion.
Do you need a survey?

If you want to get a detailed explanation of a cause concerning your organization then survey is the perfect choice for you. Here, you get the opportunity to seek multiple answer for a particular question from different people. A survey is a form with questions specifically designed to gather information about people’s experiences, preferences, wants and needs. This will help you to gauge the opinion of the people and develop sensible decisions based on analyzed results.

Do you need a poll?

If you want to ask a multiple choice question where participants can choose from among answers that you predefine then poll is the right thing to do. You can restrict voters to select just one answer to your question or allow them to choose multiple answers. Here you also have an option to add an other field to allow voters to enter their own answer. Polls are small, simple, quick to conduct and easy to analyse. Some instances involve use of polls to know about the office environment or similar other circumstances. In any such situations the important thing is to understand needs of the people. Hence, poll would be the right choice.

Features of a Survey and poll
The main objective of a survey or a poll is its statement. One needs to know the statement and its objective to arrive at proper conclusion. This conclusion would play an essential role in deciding further steps to be taken in an organization.

Some of the features of a survey include:-

  • A Survey can help you get personalized opinions and suggestions which can be analyzed for making smarter decisions.
  • A survey can help you get more accurate data about the research topic, whereas a poll can fetch you a result in very short time to give you a snapshot of how people view the research topic.
  • The survey question is always very effective in continuing with broader forms of larger survey techniques. One should get to study all such objectives and then decide about its future perspectives.
  • You get the perfect opportunity to organize the data or samples and use it in accordance to your need or use.
  • The strategy of responding to the survey is really different as it helps to get in- depth knowledge of each of the person involved in this case.
  • Polls are more effective as they are not focusing on a complete group of people belonging to a particular domain.
  • We can help provide you a specific format which is not only easy to view but also to collect and study for future needs.
  • There are tricks involved in polls that would assure you provide positive responses as per the requirement.
Why us?

It is difficult to study the responses and come up with perfect solution all by oneself. H ence it is important to take help of an expert tool like Beehive Software. Our team of experts can provide smart solutions in line with your objectives.