Digitalize Recruitment Process | 5 Top benefits of digitizing your company’s recruitment process

Digitalize Recruitment process with Beehive HRMS Software in India

The economy of entire nation has faced deceleration and is still experiencing. Everything around us has changed phenomenally, some organizations are still stuck with old processes and outdated recruiting methods and are still struggling to gain interest of quality talent for their companies.

Whole world is living on internet in many ways. Whether it’s reading the news, connecting with friends, shopping, or booking their holiday, the World Wide Web has revolutionized our lives.

Job searching is no exception in such a case.

So, what does that mean for you as an employer?

It’s simple, you need to go digital.

What is Digital Recruitment?

Digital Recruitment is far beyond only job posting and contacting prospect candidates. Though, this remains part of process, but, digitizing entire recruitment process means building strong strategies and enhancing digital tools too. Right from the start to end. Some of the steps involves;

  • Digital job board advertising
  • Incorporate digital recruitment strategy into every step
  • Posting on career websites
  • Mobile recruiting
  • Mobile-friendly careers website
  • Utilizing online assessments
  • Social recruiting

What are the advantages of digitalize recruitment process?

  • Extensive and faster reach: You are able to reach hundred times more candidates in one time that too diversified talent. The approach is refined and fast.
  • Enhanced efficiency: Sourcing, selecting, and hiring candidates takes less time. But, when you prefer digital hiring process, you save a lot of time which you can spend in communicating with prospects.
  • Higher ROI: While you’ll need to invest in developing and implementing a digital recruitment strategy, the ROI is usually higher than traditional recruitment methods.

Understanding Digital Hiring Process | Digitalize Recruitment Process in HRMS Software

  • Digital Onboarding with HRMS Software in India:
    Onboarding is the process of acquiring new employees. Traditionally, the onboarding process involved face-to-face interactions between a manager and a newly hired employee, or group sessions bringing together several newly hired employees to go through a formal onboarding process.
    Digital onboarding has the accessibility of digital tools and advanced technology to make the onboarding process as cost-effective and efficient as possible. Digital platforms also provide new employees with the ability to access information on a 24/7 basis whenever they need it.
  • HRMS (Human Resource Management System) based digitalize recruitment process:
    HRMS can make the recruiting process much easier for companies of all type of industries. Using HRMS, companies are able to easily accept online applications and resumes and filter those applications to the relevant areas and managers. HRMS can also be extremely helpful after recruitment, when new employee information must be generated.
  • Online Interview:
    When the entire recruitment process is digitized, interviews takes place on online platforms. Generally, first/HR round takes place on calls. Once the profile is selected by HR Manager, it is forwarded and next round of discussions are scheduled on online meeting platforms for example; Zoom Meeting, Google Meet, etc.
  • E-Offer letter:
    In HRMS solution, the offer letter is generated on system and soft copy is provided to the employee. HRMS systems are not only useful for digital recruitment process but these systems streamline each HR activity in an organization. HR is a department which is filled with enormous tasks, HRMS helps in automating the HR work flow and saves a lot of time which can be invested in other productive works.

Implementing an HRMS or HRIS is crucial while moving on digital platforms. As an entrepreneur, you must pick a professional HR solution for your company. A perfect solution is the one with all A to Z features within the framework. HRMS system will make your employees more accountable and responsible for all the ongoing tasks in the company. Not only the recruitment process will be streamlined, but, your company’s tasks, attendance, timesheet, performance and each business activity will be digitized.


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