Data Reveals What Great Company Culture Looks Like

If you are thinking whether your work culture is fine, then you should get it observed by someone, preferably a culture expert, who has never seen it. You will get a one biggest piece of advice. That is, you should not mess up the culture.
When owners are ready to take their company through a phase of aggressive growth, culture should be their number one priority. You cannot make a mistake when your company is growing at a rapid pace. When revenues are surging, everyone works happily.
As an urgent activity, you also start hiring to boost that growth. For this, companies employ some poor ways to get new employees in the door faster. This approach destroys culture which is very difficult to find until problems develop. The strong cultures can be seen in a company which has small groups of individuals working collaboratively.
It will become a problem to keep the same culture throughout different sub-teams as your company grows. The companies that have gone through a phase of growth most probably see a weakened culture. This leads to lagging performance and employee engagement exactly when you want your numbers to get increased. In this situation, predictive analytics can improve culture management.
By gathering culture data, you can chalk out a path back towards a robust culture. You should find how strong your company culture is. For this, look at how consistently employees report on what they find within their culture.
An early-stage team shares the same understanding of their core values, such as Adaptability, Integrity, Precision, Transparency, etc. They perform at a high level and enjoy high job satisfaction. And when the team size gets doubled, as companies like to develop their culture as they grow, the transition can weaken the actual culture all of a sudden. This indicates performance, turnover, job satisfaction issues, and more.
A company’s team with individuals holding different ideas on their priorities will likely to face high turnover and low employee engagement. Companies that hire only candidates who are a fit for their preferred culture, will experience a steadily improving strength and clearer set of core values as well.
Importantly, you should frequently have a dialogue with your team about culture and core values. This will help ensure that your culture remains as you intend.