Corporate Travel Management- A Managerial Approach

As you know that tie-ups and meetings are very important part of any Organization, therefore, travel at every level is getting importance in the Organization. Corporate travel management looks after the travel policy of the organization. Thus, Corporate travel management is the function of managing a company’s strategic approach towards travel policy. Corporate travel management includes all the managerial aspects like managing the corporate travel program, day-to-day operations, security & safety of the traveler, credit card management & other expenses.
Every company sends their employees to various locations in order to crack business deals or meeting with the vendors. This process needs a management by which the process is done smoothly and so corporate travel management does this task.
Corporate travel management should not be confused with the work of a traditional travel agency. Travel agencies provide the day to day services to the corporate clients whereas, Corporate Travel Management decides the class of various services which employees are allowed to get, negotiates corporate fares with airlines and hotels and determines how corporate credit cards are to be used. In addition to these, it also checks in the bills submitted by the employees and reimburse the amount spent by the employees on official. The travel agency, on the other hand, makes the actual reservation within the parameters given by the corporation.

Which organizations need corporate travel management?

Every organization which sends its employees to different locations in order to fulfill the business demands, need this corporate travel management system. The organizations spend their time and energy doing all these activities and so they must need a CTM system. CTM provides the managerial solution towards this type of need in a smooth and efficient manner.
CTM also plays a key role in budgeting, managing and processing the overall travel process.

Who does this CTM?

CTM is done by many corporate and service providers. They manage all the processes related to corporate travel management. On one hand, some organizations have their own corporate travel management team through which they manage their employee’s travel. They need to check that the employees must not misuse this facility and the amount is reimbursed according to the class and their position in the Organization. On the other hand, some organization take help from other agencies which provide services in this field. If you are looking for this then contact Beehive Software. These service-based organizations will manage an organization’s corporate or business travel program. They will also provide an online booking system, a mobile application, a consulting team, complete executive travel services, meetings and events support, reporting functionality, and etc. These companies use global distribution system to book flights and it also allows the travel consultant to compare different ticket prices by displaying the real- time availability. The overall system provides every solution from ticket booking to book hotel rooms and rental cars simultaneously.

Benefits of CTM

CTM provides an overall managerial package of complete travel solution. This helps in reducing the costs and budget. CTM also helps in account management as it provides other facilities like Travel policy development, vendor negotiations, management of technology applications, orientation, and ongoing training, account reviews, process improvement, best practices consultation & bench-marking and product/service consultation. Corporate travel management plays a vital role in the development of an organization. This is because it helps in providing a very smooth & efficient process to the traveler. It provides an overall management process which includes ticket booking to hotel & rental car booking which gives a comfortable experience to the traveler.