Core HR

Core HR

If you wish to run an organization with a degree of efficiency there is nothing to deny that data management is going to be one of the major functions. It helps expose the variability in your organization. At the same time, it helps you make the most of your operations so that you get the best possible results. Our HRIS system stores all your employee information and efficiently uses the same so that your HR department may be benefited by the same. Following are some important aspects of our core HR facilities:
The database normally contains information that is personally identifiable such as the following:
In short, these systems contain all the information that needs to be contained about an employee. The core HR system of Beehive makes it easier for the management to retrieve reports, and study and analyze the organization by making necessary data available.

Providing updated data

It is common knowledge that for the HR department of your company to be able to make informed decisions it needs to have the latest data on its fingertips. This especially applies in cases such as labour costs and planning for hiring. This system also helps such departments make succession planning with greater ease. This system is highly accessible and it also makes it easy to perform the following data related functions with ease.
This can improve various aspects of your organization. Our system also makes sure that you can check whether your HR people agree with the rules and laws in this regard or not. This way, you can save a lot of time and energy in this particular respect. With the help of the information cycle, your hiring process becomes a lot intuitive and faster as well.

A self-service portal for employees

This is also a major feature of the core HR system that we at Beehive bring to you. This makes sure that there is a significant improvement in the quality of information circulating in your organization. This way your processes become a lot more efficient and transparent as well. This system also empowers the employees to make any change to information related to her and him in case there is a need to do so. This provides them with a sense of authority, which would only be good for you when you take into account the bigger picture. When you allow employees access to such critical data–and the ability to change the same—it makes them feel that you trust them as well. This makes them more loyal to the company and this improves the overall culture of the company.

The administrative benefits

Our core HR system takes care of several areas related to the administrative side of HR. They may be mentioned as below:
It also looks at the strategic side of HRMS (Human Resource Management System) that includes the likes of goal setting and performance management, to name a few. Our core HR can be regarded as the basis of all the different modules that we at Beehive offer as part of our HRMS. The data provided by this particular system can be used by several related systems such as the following:
The intensity of training, in this case, is based on the employees.

Highly scalable

Our core HR system is a highly scalable one and this is why it adds value to any and every organization that it is a part of. It does not matter how big or small you are as an organization reports and data analytics would always come in handy whenever you need to take any business-related action. When you compared to how you used to work earlier – physical data accumulation and redundant paperwork – this is a major switch indeed. Our system makes sure that you as an organization are less vulnerable to data loss and this is how it helps you save time. This, in turn, makes you a lot more efficient as well. The core concepts of HR are always in a stage of evolution even as the employment scenario bears witness to cultural shifts that are happening rapidly. Many companies in this world who regard core HR as an integral part of their work as it helps them save time on administrative work that may otherwise be time-consuming.

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