Contribution of Secure Payroll Software In Entertainment Industry

Payroll works as a business-critical option meant for every industry including the entertainment industry. Every business owner must pay the staff members on time and in an accurate manner to avoid poor performance even with legal and reputational difficulties. The online payroll software system helps to conduct the pay run with greater efficiency, speed, and confidence.
With this software system, it is possible to set up the production with the most accurate, fastest, secure, and easy-to-use payroll software tools with direct deposit, digital timecards, and start work while reducing any potential errors or guesswork vastly.

Now let’s have a look at the contribution of the payroll software system in the entertainment industry:

Digital start work:

The digital start work feature of this software system allows the finance department of the entertainment industry to onboard the crew within a few minutes as this allows them to submit the documents quickly for approval.

  1. Mixing paper or digital onboarding start work
  2. Saving time filling the forms out- employee global information autofill across forms for different projects
  3. Log in online for accessing different features through mobile app or desktop
  4. Print government compatible and digitally signed form easily
  5. Customize both processing and approval flows

Digital timecards:

Submission and approval of hours for getting in timecards for processing payroll throughout the production is easy and quick with these timecards.

  1. One can log in to access all the features through mobile app or desktop
  2. Ability to copy down whole or day basis timecards
  3. Reviewing, approving or rejecting with batch actions
  4. Copy over grossing quickly from week to week
  5. Printing and re-printing checks on-site as required (availability of envelopes and check stock)
  6. Sending timecard reminders automatically to the employees
  7. Customize both the processing and approval flows

Customizable options of reporting:

This type of reporting option helps the production team of the entertainment industry to save time- saving the filtered views for easy access afterwards or for sharing the views across the team members.

  1. Removing or adding columns
  2. Grouping, filtering, and/or sorting columns
  3. Exporting to Excel or PDF

Digital approvals with tracking of history:

Setting up custom approvals for the specific needs of the entertainment industry or use the preset settings of the online payroll software system for grossing, timecard approval, and digital start work.

  1. Setting rules for the approvers- by role or by a person indicating the order of the approvers, which approver needs to sign or whether an approver can be skipped
  2. Digitally collecting signatures, auditing approval histories, and tracking all activities easily and quickly
  3. Adding notes for the next approver
  4. Receiving notifications while the timecards need approval

Payroll auditing:

This feature helps meet the needs of the entertainment company at any point during the payroll or production cycle.

  1. Reviewing and editing before processing the payroll
  2. Viewing the edits in alphabetical order or by department
  3. Customizing the list of crew
  4. Viewing final grossing vs. submitted variance reports