How right HR software can contribute in organizational growth?

Beehive HR Software in India for Organizational growth

Organizations build strategies for business growth. Making plan and working on it is not a one-time activity. Key stake holders, managers and HR spend a lot of time in shaping an organization. The change in work culture due to Corona has given employee’s productivity a special place in an organization. Organizations push from all sides to achieve higher growth and better productivity. Let’s learn how a right HR software can contribute to organizational growth;

From recruiting the right talent to taking care of employee’s entire life journey in a business, HR roles have been expanded to strategic planning and decision making in an organization. HR is the only department which is connected to each employee of an organization. Since the time has rapidly changed after Corona, employee experience and moral has become an important aspect for any type of business. While working from home/remote working culture, all a person needs is self-motivation to work and an employee will be self-motivated only if he is happy and satisfied. While companies learnt the value of technology during lockdown, they also learnt importance of happy employees during this pandemic.

An employee must not pretend working in front of you; but he/she must talk about organizational growth with his personal contacts. This level of professional bound is achieved by taking care if few factors;

How an HR software can take care of all-important factors?

  • Transparency: The right HR software is a professional tool specially developed for your entire HR activities. The modules and right features bring transparency in your organization. Whether small or big, every business needs a professional cloud-based HR software which can be accessed from anywhere, any time and any device. When there is transparency of information within an organization, employees tend to be satisfied and happy.
  • Accurate payments: When a premium HR software is implemented, it comes with complete services of HR and payroll and takes Care of your entire headache related to payments and salaries. A payroll software is an automated tool with reciprocated inbuilt features which takes care of employee on boarding to employee exit journey in an organization. A payroll software also takes care of salaries and bonuses disbursed on time. An employee is motivated when he receives such gesture from company and his moral is boosted.
  • Employee friendly HR policies:  A professional HR software is updated with new compliances and offers employees the best policies for them. For e.g.; leave policies, comp offs, gratuity and provident fund, public holidays, flexible maternity and paternity leave policies, wages, employee prevention from sexual or mental harassment etc. When such type of major factors are taken care by a system automatically, organization can focus on business growth rather than managing at micro level.
  • Employee engagement in a right way: Gone are the days when employee performance was calculated on the basis of time spend by him/her. Now actual contribution by each employee is tracked by analyzing productivity. An organization can lower the manual work load and focus on self-accountability of employees. HR software has modules like task and timesheet management which can track actual productivity.
  • Remain compliant with legal regulations: With HR software, organizations remain compliant to the latest regulations and laws. When managed manually, there are chances of errors or delays which may lead to penalties or punishments. Such experiences are not good for an organization and its growth.

Conclusion: HR software is a solution which simplifies entire HR and payroll related work load thus is a worthwhile investment. HR is considered as the heart of an organization and the activities related to HR does not fit on spread sheets very nicely. Whether it’s a small, medium or enterprise level organization, HR software empowers the business towards growth mindset. It is a right technology for growing companies. With the evolution in technology, nature of HRMS (human resource management system) is also gradually changing to reduce the complexity and challenges of organizations.



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