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Beehive’s HRMS is a user friendly and potent human resource solution that shall assist in managing your company’s most vital asset i.e. your employees. HCM systems have transformed HR technology from the core, Core HR processes of your organization are integrated with additional features and functionality provided in our solution – which would have been stand-alone an add-ons in functionality the HRIS and HRMS days – all in one comprehensive system. Beehive was developed post enormous research conducted by Human Resource strategists, implementation specialists, and other experts. Our HRMS solution helps automate the entire employee life cycle right from recruitment to retirement. The system is customizable.

Our solution is configurable, customizable as per your company policies, other than this it is also pocket friendly. Experience flexibility, absolute control and accessibility to the solution even not in your office premise. Beehive’s responsive design helps access the solution from any device from which you can access the website. Our feature rich solution is your end to end solution to all the HR related conflicts. Our solution is flexible and fully compliant to international standards and local practices.

The human resource department is responsible for a variety of functions like recruiting, training, on-boarding, retaining, grievance management, payroll, exit management etc. In addition to this, making sure that all of these tasks are handled with utmost efficiency, with accuracy and timely, with all the processes being in place for seamless processing of the organization is also the duty of the HRD. The Directors of the organization also make decisions based on the analytics provided by the HRD, so maintaining data, studying them to generate reports and analytics is also one of the responsibility of the HRD.

Maintenance of data is challenging when it is preserved in multiple systems, so for running day-to-day activities the data to be pushed and pulled from a system, the data will manually have to be extracted and entered into another system. This increases the chances of errors, multiple entries and also is tedious. Our solution helps you automate the entire process. Now no more manual entries, all of the data to be pushed and pulled from multiple systems shall be done automatically and flawlessly.

With a comprehensive system that unites multiple HR functions, from payroll to benefits to performance management, important information is easily shared throughout one cohesive network. Activities can be allotted and the movement from one activity to another shall be seamless with a comprehensive system as it helps streamline the workflow and empowers the HR with making more informed decisions.

Comprehensive systems is cost effective as the organization has to spend on one system that makes it a sound investment over multiple systems providing the same functionalities. It is also beneficial to the workforce, no more multiple sign-in credentials to be remembered, single entries are sufficient, and one dashboard for all the required information. HR professionals can take a larger, more comprehensive view of what’s working and what’s not, and tweak their strategies based on insights gleaned from analytics.