Cloud v/s On-Premises

Cloud v/s On-Premises HR Software

With companies shifting towards adopting technologies in all the areas of business, HR Technology has evolved as a revolutionary solution to manage HR activities in a quite well-mannered way. HR Management System or HR software has always seen as the number one priority when it comes to managing the most valuable asset of the organization – it’s employees. However, while choosing an efficient wellbeing platform for their organization, HRs are always seen in a greater dilemma during selecting an ideal deployment option from the two – On-Cloud or On Premises. So, let’s first understand more about these two solutions.

On-Cloud Solution:


The Cloud-hosted HR software is one which is managed and maintained on a remote server. On-Cloud HR software, also known as Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) deployment, can be accessed using internet & web browser.


It is a long established fact that With Strategic & tactical advantages, Cloud HR software has practically brought a revolution in the working style of the business.


It is also known as a quite cost-effective HR software and thus loved mostly by all the small and mid-size markets.


On-Premises Solution:


A legacy based approach of installing and implementing the HR software on your company’s IT space such as server.


This solution needs experience IT team or personnel to manage and maintain the on-premises solution.


Companies who have invested already in setting up the IT environment in the premises prefer to go with HR software having on-premises deployment to achieve better capitalization of the investment.


Now that we know the core differences between an On-Cloud HR software & an On-Premises HR software, it’s time to identify and understand the factors that arrive in mind while selecting any one of it. Below are those four key factors that arise to favor the best HR software:

Though we have understood some key factors to finalize any one HR software, it is time to look at the advantages and drawbacks of both the options – On-Cloud HR Software & On-Premises HR software based on certain identified factors:


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