Reasons why companies are opting for cloud based HR & payroll management software

In this era of Netflix and Instagram, there is no doubt left to the fact that we all are updated and following every tech trend whether say entertainment or work we prefer easing down the work rather than spending too much time on one task. From Google’s Keep to high level ERP solutions, businesses are all set to automate each step in their work processes by using cloud based solutions in their companies. In all this, HR departments are also automating their work load by shifting to cloud based HRMS & Payroll management solutions. In fact, it has become a trend to work on easy and user friendly  UI(User Interface).

Let’s check why these businesses are migrating to cloud based HR & Payroll Management Software for managing their entire HR related activities:

1) Hassle-free Payroll processing:

The toughest part is payroll processing is a continuous process, so you have to do same Mathematics every month. The cloud technology improves the collaboration, data security level, employee queries and flexibility to work and this all without any complications of server and on premise hardware tools.

2) Cloud based Leave management modules are the future:

Gone are the days when Leave management processes were lengthy and involved manual steps. There are great reasons why you should shift your leave application:

  • Anytime, Anywhere, Any device access
  • Flexible Leave Planner
  • Easy access to Pay slips
  • Balance Leave Display
  • Easy Application and rejection process
  • Overall easy user interface

3) Online Attendance Management with Payroll Management Software:

Cloud based Attendance Management feature tracks employee’s time in and time out and acts like a virtual biometric solution. In this situation where employees will mostly work from remote locations, it’s important to give mobile based check in check out option to your team. Also, it gives you the option to download report after syncing data extracted from your existing biometric devices. Isn’t it easy!

4) Location tracking:

There are many advantages of going for a SaaS(software as a service) based GPS tool for employee tracking. Since the base is internet it does not need any additional cost or device to install. It is easy to implement, lower in cost, works of minimum internet speed and no employee inputs needed. Just implement and you are good to go just like Google Maps!

5) Get speedy benefits by using Task & Timesheet Management Module:

“How much time you will take in sending the report?”  “When you will complete the design?”  “Who all are working on this?” “What is the update on that Project?”
These are the frequently asked questions around you when you do not follow a pattern and a pattern is created when you implement a single platform which acts like hub where you will find every update on every assigned task. Also the cloud based Task & Timesheet Management tool will help you to calculate the amount of time spent by every team member in every ongoing project.  You don’t need to follow anyone and vice versa no one will follow you for any kind of specifications, everything will be available on mobile application itself.

A research says, more than 73% of organizations have already shifted to Cloud Based HRMS & Payroll solutions. They at least have implemented one module to streamline their HR related chores whereas many organizations are going ahead with the complete SaaS(Software as a Service) bases solutions for HR. If you are one of those 27% of organizations who still rely on on-premise solutions, then unknowingly you are harming your company’s growth as well as pocket. You must think about enormous benefits of moving to Cloud based HRMS systems. It’s the new wave which can take you to new junction in your business life.

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