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Beehive Cloud Based Attendance Management System

What are Attendance Management and Location Tracking?

Attendance management is a methodology which involves tracking employees work presence and nonappearance as per the work hours assigned.
There are numerous approaches to manage the process, during old days, it was done manually or marked in register. These days, cloud based systems are ruling all industry sectors. Amid work from home culture, it gets very difficult for management to track exact location of employees without any automated process. The cloud based HRMS Software has automated attendance management which not only takes care of the daily attendance but also fetches the time and location.

The truth of the matter isn\’t shrouded that social distancing is a new normal at this point. Automated attendance management system has virtual features which allow your employees to mark touch less attendance from any location. This can be managed through their laptops or mobile phones. This system clearly announces when the employee is supposed to work and what are the tasks assigned.

A glance at traditional ways:

  • Maintaining register: This is the most widely recognized and old school example of capturing attendance. Not only this process involves risk but also there are high chances of false data entering.
  • Excel sheets: Another method of managing employee’s attendance is through excel sheets. I spite of the fact that excel sheets are far better than register, in any case, it doesn\’t give you the analytics you need for the business. Nothing can beat a professional HRMS Software.
  • Bio-metric systems: Obviously there was no harm back then in using bio-metric systems. But, since now the situation has changed, it has become risky to use touch-based systems. Very soon bio-metrics will be outdated. Cloud based attendance management systems are agile and welcomed loudly in the business sector.

Benefits of using Attendance management system:

  • Reliability and Accuracy: When it comes to calculating work hours, accuracy is the key factor. It’s very common for humans to make errors. Slip-ups can be legitimized but not in such case where employee’s compensation depends on the final calculation. Cloud based HRMS Software has automated attendance management system which minimizes the risk of errors and gives precise results based on accurate data.
  • Enhanced productivity: The covid-19 pandemic has brought many changes in business world. People have started focusing on productivity more than anything else. While offering work from home to employees, online attendance management system will make sure that the remote working trend turns out to be beneficial for company. It makes employees more responsible and self-accountable.
  • Real-time reach to the employee: You won’t say no to the snapshot of your employees work progress. Within few seconds the attendance management system will give you required insights which will help you in analyzing performance of your team. You can even generate reports on the basis of number of hours worked, number of tasks going on, how many are pending, how many are completed, which employee has less burden?
  • Smooth work flow management: Cloud based HRMS Software and Attendance Management software introduces better processes in your organization. When a process is set up and professional system is well implemented, work flow becomes smooth. Conversations become transparent. All the updates related to ongoing projects and tasks and saved on centralized platform. Everybody knows what to work on.
  • Time savior: Have you ever thought how much time your HR spend in calculating the work hours manually? This is the era where time is biggest asset in any organization. With cloud based attendance management system, you save time as well as efforts. The time and efforts saved combines and gives an accurate data which helps in optimizing the resources.

Beehive Attendance management tool provides all the modules needed for work from home. It is smooth and easily gets implemented within your work culture. Issues like calculating over time and work hour theft gets resolved easily. Beehive Cloud based attendance management system is enough capable of handling your attendance and location tracking hassles and provides you the best system for your organization.



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