5 Crucial functions to keep in mind while choosing HRMS Software in India for your company

HRMS Software is a trending hot topic nowadays among all business sectors. While the Covid-19 Pandemic stole all the thunder of the year 2020, remote working trend is something where everyone could meet their work goals amid lockdown. Most recently, organizations have begun to get benefits by using professional HRMS tools.
Implementation of a good HRMS brings momentum to the work process and makes entire team accountable for their tasks. You make better decisions because you have crystal clear analytics in front of you. A few factors which you should keep in mind while choosing HRMS Software for your business:

1)Maturity of the HRMS Software in India :

Many companies struggle in picking up the best HRMS/HRIS Solution for their organization. It is one of the most crucial investments made by SMEs and even established set ups.  While picking up the best HR framework for your business, its utmost to analyze the maturity of the product in terms of scalability, integration limits, team experience, goodwill in the market etc.  Asking a few questions as the time of purchase of a new HRMS Software will make your buy profitable one;

  • Is there any limit to the maximum number of employees/users/logins of the software?
  • Will it be able to integrate with other business processes, as the company grows?
  • Are its features scalable, and what new features can be added up with time?
  • Is there any scope of new modules development within the framework of HRMS software?

2)Must have HR features:

The modules of all HRMS solutions vary in terms of features though the ultimate objective remains the same. But, HR department has the most pervasive tasks and your business needs a system which will streamline all HR activities to the core. Detailing is the key.

A few key functions HR Software must carry are as follows:

  • Onboarding
  • PMS (Performance Management System)
  • Task and Timesheet Management
  • Leave Management
  • Attendance and Location Tracking
  • Employee exits

3)Intuitive Employee Interface:

The whole objective of professional HR Software is to make the life of HR department simpler. Yet, when they pick HRMS that is difficult to explore their work undoubtedly doubles up. Frequent complaints of employees about the software can disturb their productivity which can at the affect company\’s revenue. Only with intuitive user interface, you never face such issues and the expectations are met without any hassles.


Till now you might have realized that picking up a good HRMS Software for your company is not an easy task. You have to pick the best. While choosing one, it’s important to select a professional Cloud Based HRMS Software for the very obvious reason; mobility. You and your employees can access to the HRMS from any location, any time and any device and work without interruptions!

5)AI-enabled HRMS software in India:

The new AI-enabled HRMS tool is mainly to automate the attendance management process. The new normal remote working trend demands lot of streamlining and AI-powered HRMS meets all the expectations. The AI-powered facial recognition HRMS software in India serves as a contactless biometric attendance system which saves the company from expensive attendance machine costs. It helps remote working employees to update their location using interactive maps and Dynamic Geofencing.

Bottom Line: Selecting the best HRMS Software for your company involves a lot of research and time. It’s not an easy and quick decision but a must to be taken decision. You have to be sure about every aspect as HR department is connected to all other aspects of your business. Initially, implementation will definitely demand your support and time as nothing comes without that. But, once mapped as per your work culture, you will feel that your business is receiving meaningful analytics and data on the basis of which you can make strategic decisions for the growth of your business.



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