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AI Powered chatbots in HRMS software

Features Included

Powerful HR Assistance
The power of artificial intelligence is boundless and offers some of the most amazing benefits one of which is deep neural network-enabled Chatbot. Chatbots may seem simple as an interface, but they have their own at the backend.
Employee Engagement
Beehive HRMS Chatbots is a most powerful chatbot for your HRMS Systems allows employees to work efficiently with all queries solved with powerful AI implemented. Beehive HRM Chat-bots features allow the employee to save time with all queries attended quick assistance.
Ai Powered chatbots:
HR bot helps you with almost every common HR-related query. Most of the queries that employees shoot’s at your HR, Like if you want to know the leave’s you just type in “show my leave balance” and the bot will respond to the specific leave type you asked for or will give you the whole summary of your pending leave. Most importantly, our chatbot can perform various HR-related mundane tasks like fetching employee data, conducting surveys, disbursing employee payslips, showing tax deductions, or explaining company policies.

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