Candidate & vendor portals

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Smartly manage and enhance complicated tasks related to workforce management and talent acquisitions with Beehive. We can help track applicants irrespective which vertical, industry you belong to with utmost efficiency and ease. Our UI is intuitive and user friendly. Minimize manual errors and reduce cost on maintenance of documents by going paperless with the use of our software, whilst reducing the risk of losing data to fire or theft. All of the employees data shall bestrode in a single place with one view access making it easy to use and less chaotic. Multiple features associated with Beehive makes it best suited for any type of industry.

In the initial stage of recruitment, identifying a vacancy in the organisation and the associated skills and capabilities is important. Getting this news across prospective applicants is the second stage of hiring. It is nearly impossible to manually get the word out and find the best suited candidate for the position unless it is sheer luck!

Beehive’s applicant tracking application assists you in informing prospective applicants of a job vacancy in your organisation. Process of placing a requisition for a new hire in the organisation can be as simple as clicking a button with our solution. Mangers in the organisation can easily place a request to the Human resource department for a new recruitment. The solution is master based and hence can be completely configured and the workflow can be set as per your organisational policies. Once such request is accepted it is automatically linked with the applicant tracking system with the description created from the defined organisational structure as to what are the capabilities and qualifications required to fulfill the position.

Beehive’s application system has a special feature of integration with third party job portals helping you expand your targeted search area by posting your requirement in multiple portals linked with the software. This increases your probability of finding the best suited candidate for the vacant position. You don’t have to keep updating multiple sites manually every time a vacancy arises, our solution shall help you retrieve the required data from the recruitment application and link it with the required job portals.

The most known and commonly used third party job portals like naukri and moster can be linked seamlessly with our applicant tracking system. This is the only smart way to target a large pool of candidates. Our recruitment application automatically allows system administrators to set up a new posting every time a position has gone vacant in the organisation onto third party job portals. If a candidate is interested in the job posting, his details shall be automatically traced back to the applicant tracking system, making it accessible to all the concerned stakeholders.

The need to integrate with candidate portals:

  • You do not want to miss out on the best suited candidate for the posting
  • Overall productivity and business efficiency may suffer on account of the very long candidate sourcing cycle time.
  • Witness a plummet in cost savings.

A successful enterprise is only possible if processes in your organisation are streamlined. Most organisations understand the importance of different candidate and vendor portals, but fail to achieve a disciplined and more appropriate approach to it.