Candidate On-Boarding Portal

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The process of induction of a new employee into the organisation is called the on-boarding process. You should make the best impression on your new hire. The first few days of work are generally the most apprehensive days for a new joinee and it is the responsibility of the manager to help the employee combat this anxiety and be comfortable. It is very essential for an organisation to have a system in place to ensure the smooth on-boarding of the new hire.
Beehive’s on boarding application is the solution to all your on boarding issues making the process seamless. Our solution shall get you ready and all prepared even before the new joinee has entered the premise of the organisation, all of the employees prerequisite data shall be made available to all of the concerned stakeholders by obtaining the same from the new hire. The new joinee’s employee profile and the supporting documentation can be uploaded into the system right after the completion of the hiring process.

The Human resource department can then come up with the checklist of all of the items that shall be required for the joining of the new candidate e.g. laptop, stationary, business cards etc. prior to the joining date itself. The responsibilities and the company rules can explained during the on-boarding process by uploading the required documents on the employee’s self-service portal helping save time of another individual having to explain all of the details to the new hire. Moreover, the wide range of reports and analytics available in the solution with pre-defined templates makes our solution extremely rewarding for the end- user.

Here are some of the reasons how Beehive HRMS can help in streamlining the on boarding process of your organisation:

  • Automating the onboarding process can help to save time and efforts of the new hire’s induction process.
  • Multiple reports are made available making the onboarding process more effective
  • Configurable templates for joining formalities, reports and other forms involved in onboarding.
  • Hassle-free applicant searching to onboarding.
  • Tracking the status of the candidate at all times right from hire to every stage the employee is present in the organisation.
  • Paperless onboarding now a possibility with bulk uploading functionality.
  • The seating arrangements, asset availability and all document submission and validation are done through the automated onboarding process.
  • Since our application is available on mobile, it increases the efficiency of your Human resource department x10 times.

The foundation is very important for a successful future and so the process of onboarding is just as vital as any other stage in an employee’s life cycle. We ensure to retain utmost effectiveness in your onboarding process. Every individual hired in your organisation should feel welcomed, with their own onboarding procedure delivered to them, having been personalised to suit your organisation and the new recruit. It makes sure that the new joinee starts becoming productive through thoroughly being informed and equipped for the work to be done. This helps ensure that there is no hiccup in the productivity of an organisation just because a new person has joined the tea, and ensures that they work in their top forms.