Can Performance Management System Empower Your Business?

Your workforce is your biggest asset. An empowered workforce can give you a competitive edge over others in the market. An empowered employee is innovative, productive, accountable, and confident about his/her skills. A performance management system enables companies to empower their work forces.

Performance management system coupled with goal setting and accountability can be a major driver of your business.  Empowered employees bring the right set of talent, skills, and experience your business needs to succeed.

The Bigger Picture

A lot of times, managers are stuck with micro-management of their teams. This often leads to loss of innovation. No matter how big or small the role is, everyone contributes to the overall growth of the company. An empowered employee has a deep sense of understanding for the impact of  his or her role in the company’s growth. They know how their role fit into the growth story.

It is often easy said than done. A manager is responsible for incorporating the bigger picture in the team. Integrating the bigger picture, a sense of contribution across the different layers of an organization empowers your workforce.

  • A continuous communication channel helps to spread the message of The Bigger Picture and how individual performances impact the growth story.
  • Each employee has something to offer to your growth story. The Key Performance Indicators of an employee should be linked with the company’s goals.
  • A system of constant feedback is essential for the performance management. This brings frequent opportunities for managers to share the bigger picture with their team.

Link Employee’s Goals With Company’s goals

An employee is truly empowered when he/she has a sense of fulfillment. Everyone has a professional goal. These individual goals, sub-goals, and milestone can be aligned to company’s goals. If the onus is on the employees, then they would work forward for their goals, in turn, working for the company’s goals. Talking about the bigger picture and linking it to individual goals, empowers each member of your workforce.

Leadership or Management

More often, management leads to micro-managing which makes employees feel powerless. They stop taking decisions based on their abilities and talents. This is the most dangerous situation your workforce can be in as they are working for manager’s individual goals and not their own goals. This leads to low-quality work leading to more time on small tasks and not on the bigger picture.

Line managers play a vital role in implementing performance management system. Encourage them to focus on productivity, collaboration, and  innovation. By shifting to leadership from management, everyone wins.

Performance Reviews

A continuous and open communication with employees than an annual performance review meeting can help in empowering employees in long run. It helps in

  • Tracking and maintain goals throughout the year.
  • Transparent goal setting
  • An opportunity for coaching and mentoring the team
  • Higher morale
  • Employees feel empowered with direct and accessible performance related communication

A performance management system helps in fostering trust. An empowered workforce focusing on the goals which are a part of the bigger picture leads to achieving greater heights for the business.