How to protect your Business from Data Breach when implementing an HRMS Software.

The rise in usage of Cloud based HRMS (Human Resource Management System) Software Solutions has led to many good and bad consequences in the business world. Cyber security is one of the most critical aspects to learn about. Shockingly, a very small percentage of business owners think Data Security in the process of HRMS is foremost priority.

‘Even the best HRMS Software solution can fail if data security aspect is not taken care and implementation is not done effectively.’

Getting ROI (Return on Investment is the utmost priority when investing on HRMS Sofware for HR processes of organization. Let us understand few basics before implementation of HRMS Software Solution at your end.

While choosing the right HRMS software these are the few features one should keep in mind for best outcomes:

  • User friendly HRMS Software
  • Online Recruitment Process
  • Virtual Attendance Management
  • Performance Management
  • Work From Home
  • Task & Timesheet Management
  • Budgeting
  • Project Management
  • Expense Management’
  • Employee MIS (Management Information System)
  • Dashboard
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Leave Management
  • Mobile Application
  • DMS (Document Management System)
  • Accounting
  • Compliances and Policies

Majority of business have already opted for Cloud based HRMS Software Solutions. Relationship between your company and HRMS Software service provider is very significant when it comes to cyber security because it is a responsibility to keep the critical data related to employee’s information, statutory compliances, payroll processes, policies, accounting, and payouts safe and secured. HR team and HRMS Software provider works as one team to achieve the desired ROI (Return on investment).

Understand the need to protect business from Data Breach while implementation of HRMS Software

When information is on cloud, it is accessible to everyone from any place and any device. It encourages data leakage. Be it client’s information, employee details, policies or critical statutory compliances, the access should be restricted to admin or concern key people in the organization. You must audit the data backup process timely. Establish roles amid implementation process of HRMS software solution. This will create hierarchy and will not allow anyone to view 100 percent of the critical data and information.  An admin has all the rights to assign roles and responsibilities within the HRMS Software settings.

Train the Employees on importance of cyber security in HRMS Process

Prevention of Data Breach is not one time task and cannot restrict to only management. Employees should be aware of type of cybercrimes, hackers, importance of data in any business and how it will help them to become strong in terms of cyber security. Your employees are the base of every HR Process in implementation of HRMS Software Solution. HR Managers, IT heads, Team managers, leaders all should receive professional training on data security. The HRMS Software vendors will make it easier for you as they will introduce reliable features of their HRMS Software in order to maintain high level security.

Reset passwords on regular basis.

This point is very important especially when any employee plans to exit. You must make a policy of resetting all the passwords time to time. Nearly around 60% of data breaches happen due to weak and predictable passwords. Easy passwords can be guessed by outsiders. Good HRMS Software will always provide you all the features in their mobile app as well. Data breach through mobile is easier option for hijackers to get into your company’s confidential space.

Research well before finalizing HRMS Software.

Before taking any decision, you must know the existing clients of HRMS vendor. Their genuine feedbacks after using the same software will help you in taking your decision. Put extra efforts in knowing what other companies are talking about the services and security. Go with the vendor who is providing higher security level. Do not compromise on the data security. You may also consider signing an NDA with the HRMS Software provider. Do not consider any third party or channel partner for purchase. Go for direct and experienced vendor. They will make sure that accessibility of data is limited to key members and admins in your company. Restriction of controls helps preventing data breach.

At the end, you must understand the importance of your company’s data and critical information. Generally we tend to focus on features, UI, UX, modules and others aspects we forget that data is base of ay business. Protect your data through a good HRMS software solution.


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