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The current time is difficult for businesses across the globe and demands adaptability for smooth business functioning. Organizations with open mind sets are always ready for changes and easily adapt according to the market circumstances. Shifting to automated tools is one of the major changes a company can encounter. Specially during Covind-19 pandemic, the need of cloud-based solutions has increased due to work from home trend. Cloud based solutions like CRM, HRMS Software solutions will help in automating each process of an organization.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a reason for many companies to implement cloud based HRMS solution. But the decision is must for a business even if there’s no such emergency.

Let’s understand in a nutshell, what is an HRMS Software?

HRMS is a technology that compiles all recruitment, HR and workforce management systems into one centralized location, in a bid to improve and transform business operations with accuracy and efficiency. By combining the different aspects of HR and recruitment admin into one place, it enables users to see a complete overview of the business, improving decision making and streamlining previously long-winded processes.

There are many reasons for growing business setups to shift to a cloud based HRMS solution for their HR process, a few of them are discussed below:


  • Demand of the new work culture: The fact is not at all hidden that remote working has now become the new normal work culture where an employee has freedom to work from anywhere. In such scenario, for organizations who are managing their resources manually, it gets difficult for them to track their employee’s performances. Managers have their own tasks; they cannot always keep a close eye on their team. A cloud based HRMS solution simplifies the work process and brings flexibility in the flow.
  • Single investment for all needs: As an entrepreneur, it’s very important to keep an eye on ROI (Return on Investment on every expense occurred. Paying compensation is the biggest continuous expense in an organization, on the same time, if managed properly, resources can be the biggest for an organization because if they work effectively, it affects the revenue at the end. Implementing a cloud based HRMS is a single investment for all such needs and to automate your entire HR and payroll process, you don’t need any other tool.
  • Dynamic work processes: When you implement a good HRMS system, you welcome many smart modules which comes with the HRMS framework. These modules make your business life easier and work processes dynamic. The automated reports, timesheet management, leave and attendance management, task management, GPS and many such features enhances your work flow which increases your company’s performance.
  • Mobile based access/Mobile Application: When employees are working remotely or operating from field, it’s very important to chop of people dependency from your organization. A business set up should completely be process oriented. To achieve complete automation in the work culture, cloud based HRMS plays a significant role.
  • Centralized platform: Cloud based HRMS works as a centralized platform for all the project updates, tasks, attendance check ins, client information and many more. Each information which might be useful to any employee at any point in time, that is available on single hub. When data is stored in one place, reporting becomes more efficient. It makes access of compliance records simple. It also means there is a central location for documents such as employee handbooks, procedures and safety guidelines.
  • Accurate insights: Accuracy in measurement of progress is very important in a business. If a company has 100 different projects running at the same time that is half glass of water, half glass still remains empty if the updates are not proper and if deadlines are not met. With the amount of data that comes through an HRMS solution, it’s virtually impossible to miss any task or any deadline.



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