What is the impact of New Normal on HR Management post Covid-19 Pandemic?

Beehive Cloud Based HR Software in India

New face of HR

The Covid-19 pandemic and its effects are still affecting businesses. The topic may not trend, yet it is a fact to face that organizations have to restructure their work processes. Re-establishing organizational activities and defining HR management is a new way is necessity. Sadly, there’s no guidance book for businesses to handle the circumstances, everything is to be handled as per market situation and experience.

What is New Normal in organizations?

Now this is interesting. The new normal trend in organizations is far beyond wearing masks and using sanitizers. The biggest change which organizations have encountered is work from home culture. Before Covid-19 pandemic there were just 2-3 layers, employers, employees, managers etc. Since the work from home trend has become new normal way of working, so many virtual layers are added in daily chores like, managing HR activities, employees, attendance, leaves without meeting the employees, assigning tasks, taking updates, client meetings, con calls, each activity is to be documented while working and while assigning any work. Remote working is completely based on employee and employer relationship and trust if there is no tracking tool between the two.

How HR software can become a savior for organizations?

It’s a bit harsh but true that human tendency is to make mistakes and then learn. Very few people have the adaptability to learn from other’s mistakes. These people in their businesses takes right decisions and have a growth mindset. Growing with technology and automation is very important when it comes to business. Work from home is just a way to show the technology gaps and take businesses towards streamlining HR activities. Imagine if your business had work from home tools implemented before pandemic.

HR software and work from home

  • Data visibility and accessibility in Hr Software: In work from home culture, employees work from scattered locations and end up wasting lot of time in searching for data, information, client details, any document, and detailed logs. All this information is tracked and recording in cloud-based HR management software. Your employees will get visibility of relevant data any time and from anywhere. Your employees need not to be dependent.

Not only for employees but, data accessibility will keep company’s data safe and secured, the meaningful data will help you in taking business decisions. You will chop off reworking, time wasting, reporting and people dependency from your business.

  • Centralization of activities in : The HR software acts like a hub. Each activity will be recorded at one place even if your employees are working from any location on the globe. All the project updates, tasks, attendance, leaves, employee information, everything will be stored at one place. You will be able too view real time activities of your employees.
  • Nothing will be missed in Hr Software: In a giant business set up it is obvious for any employee to forget few tasks and if those tasks are highly important, it may cost your business. When HR management system is implemented, you become completely system oriented, it is technology which reminds you for your tasks. Human errors are possible but once process is set, you will never miss anything.
  • Stay away from worries: When you pay your employees every month, you expect certain ROI’s (return on investment) in form of their work from each employee. It truly gets difficult to manage employees and their activities while they are working from home. When you implement HR software, you can stay away from all the worries of employee tracking, activities, leave and attendance.

Post Covid-19 pandemic, market has changed drastically. Organizations have changed their work style. India took no time in adopting work from home culture. The best way to win over this battle is to fight it. HR software acts like a weapon in this battle and makes sure that your are ahead of where you were before.



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