Advantages of Cloud Based HRMS Software Solutions in India for SMEs

Beehive Cloud Based HRMS Software in India for SMEs

The market of cloud based business solutions and HRMS Software solution is growing rapidly. Vendors are coming up with perfectly mapped solutions for all segments. Mentioning about the sector which needs the most attention is SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). Being newbies, small and medium businesses have growth mindset but often they need to take wise investment decisions and keep the budget tight in order to be realistic. Initial stage is very crucial for SMEs understanding the overall strategic challenges. At the same time, investing in good cloud solutions, especially HRMS Software solution is a need.

More than 72% of all businesses have moved to Cloud Based Tools for their businesses in current era.

HR, being the most engaged department of any organization needs a tool which can streamline all HR activities at core. Let us learn how a Cloud Based HR Software can benefit SMSs:

  1. Pocket Friendly:

    The principal thing which comes on the top of the mind while investing on anything in a startup is the budget. Identifying the priorities of what needs your money first is what you call clearing the first lap. Cloud Based HRMS Software comes with the best ever benefit of being pocket friendly. There subscription expenses are very much lesser than any other on-premise solution. And, guess what? There are no hidden charges. You get perfect yet flexible solution for your growing business.

  2. Avoid entire HR Gang:

    When you implement a good Cloud Based HRMS Solution there is no compelling reason to invest on entire team of HR Resources. Rather, you just need one person to update in the HRMS tool and you can get all the updates automatically. Cloud HRMS are a complete package and works like assistant to you.

  3. Easy and Quick Implementation:

    Cloud Based HRMS: Cloud Based HRMS takes an average of just 30 days to implement. Whereas, on-premise HRMS Solutions takes 3 -4 times of what Cloud HRMS tools takes.  You save a lot of time there.

  4. Updated HR Policies and Compliances:

    Cloud Based HRMS Software basically follows SaaS( Software as a Service). The team of Cloud HR tools always keeps their systems up to date with latest HR Policies and Compliances. Being compliant with Indian Laws and Regulations is mandatory for all set of organizations.

  5. Complete Automation:

    Cloud HR Software has inbuilt and predictive features for SME’s. It generates useful employee information and analytics which is very necessary for strategic decision making. It provides complete automation for all your HR processes. Implementation process understands your HR Culture and deeply maps HR tools as per your need.

  6. Mobility in HR Data:

    Being on Cloud platform, HRMS solution is flexible in terms of HR Data. You just need login credentials and you can access to any required data at any time and any place.

  7. Employee Productivity Tracker:

    Cloud based HRMS Software has modules like PMS (Performance Management System), Attendance Management System, Task management System and Time sheet Management System. There modules really helps you in tracking your employee’s productivity and analyzing overall resources. It enhances your employee reach. Especially in New Normal where mostly employees are working from home.

  8. Real-Time Analytics in Cloud Based HRMS Software in India:

    Cloud Based HRMS software enhances HR Manager’s reach to get all needed reports and data on real-time basis. A professional HRMS System offers you a full-fledged platform for your human resource which enables seamless work flow. This not only simplifies internal communications but also gives HR department an improved insight of database.

Conclusion: In today’s work culture where remote working has become a new normal, it is very important for SME’s to buck up and take right decisions. Even well-established organizations have failed in resource management during Covid-19 pandemic. Your small or medium business setup shall not wait for any kind of emergency to adopt latest Cloud HR Technology. Having reliable HR tools will always enable you to make your team self-accountable and responsible for their own tasks. You will not be always present to micro manage.  Within no time you can identify non-performing resources in your company. At the initial stage, you need accelerators for your set up and not salary picking team.



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