4 Ways HRMS (Human Resource Management System) is defining New Normal | Cloud Based HRMS Software in India

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It\’s impressive how quick the technology has advanced in only a couple of years. Before Cloud Computing, companies would run applications or projects from programming downloaded on a physical PC. In those days, numerous organizations were attempting to make their own data centers. The fast evolution of technology has given many alternate solutions to the organizations; one of them is choosing Cloud Based HRMS (Human Resource Management System) Software for their business. In India, Cloud Based HRMS is not only a framework, but has become a new business trend.

During Covid-19 pandemic, the Cloud HRMS played a vital role in making organizations ready for remote working culture. Not only this, but Cloud Based HRMS in India has enormous benefits and is all set to define a new normal. The work culture in India is different than other countries; Cloud HRMS is developed in such a way that the system understands minor to major challenges of HR.

What is Cloud Based HRMS?

A Cloud Based HRMS is a system which keeps data and information in a centralized platform on cloud (on web). In least complex words, much the same as other social media mobile applications, with Cloud Based HRMS, all you need is credentials to login and you are good to go to work! Every organization has their own secured account which acts like a hub for their employees. These systems allow you to manage everything from payroll to training all in one place to help you save time and energy. While picking HRMS Software, you must be extremely insightful as there are so many service providers in the market. You ought to choose an expert HRMS Software for your business.

Why Cloud Based HRMS is a key factor for businesses in New Normal?


Work from Home Feature in HRMS Software:

Covid-19 Pandemic has forced organizations to pursue Work from Home culture. Many companies were already digitalized and didn’t take much time in adopting the new trend but many are still struggling. With Cloud based HRMS Software, you get complete package so that your employees can work from anywhere any device and any time. With actual meaning of productivity, these systems carry gigantic advantages with them:

    • Flexibility
    • Task Management
    • Performance Management
    • Timesheet Management
    • Online HR and Payroll Management
    • Attendance Management

Location Tracking in HRMS software:

Due to the biggest global ongoing crisis, employees have chosen safe locations to work from. Many have travelled to their home towns and many are still working from home amid partial relaxations. Nobody can predict if any such pandemic can hit again. Companies need to be more agile and practical. Cloud based HRMS allows you to track location of your employees with their mobile phones itself. Not only this, they can even mark their attendance through mobile application.


Those days are gone when organizations used to invest on huge solutions for their HR and payroll activities. Not only they were on premise but needed more time and money. Cloud based HRMS are budget friendly solution for any type of business set up. The payment terms will actually attract you!

Fast Implementation:

Cloud based HRMS solutions are known for their implementation process. Willingness to adopt new system lies with you; rest is taken care by professional and dedicated team of implementation team. They make sure that system is well configured and implemented as per your work culture and your team is well trained to use the same. All professional Cloud based HRMS solutions have mobile applications which makes the implementation much easier than you think!




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