Top 10 Benefits of a Cloud Based Payroll Software for your business.

Today, we live in a digitalized reality where businesses and their critical data are shifting to cloud. HR is the root of any organization. Knowing the needs and significance of HR and payroll activities, companies are now shifting to cloud based payroll software solutions. There are various explanations for this; reduced efforts, cost effectiveness, enhanced efficiency, accuracy, security etc. Here you will find to the point information about Cloud Based Payroll Software.

Top 10 Reasons you must switch to a Cloud Based Payroll Software:


  • Cost-Effectiveness:

    When it comes to any type of investment, of course you pick more affordable however best for the business. The significant bit of leeway of Cloud Base Payroll Software solutions is its very cost effective. You won’t feel you are implementing software. Rather, it’s more like subscribing for a new Netflix account. You just select your prerequisites and it’s done. No huge fee or hidden charges involved.

  • Accessibility:

    With Cloud Based Payroll Software, your employees will be able to access information from any place, any time and any device. Being a Cloud Based framework, it does not need any kind extended work involved. This is particularly useful in the current scenario when everyone is a dissipated and working from their own places.

  • Gathering Employee Data:

    Who does not know about the lengthy procedure of processing payroll every month? Gathering payroll and employees data is a task. With Cloud Based Payroll Software, you don’t even need to look at it. Every information and data will be stored in a systematic way. You just need to login and there you are. Like we use drop box to keep our files. The DMS (Document Management System) of Cloud Based Payroll Software flexible to comprehend your requirements.

  • Smooth Employee Communication:

    In any organization, majority of the time, you will discover an HR answering either employee’s inquiry. Cloud Based Payroll Software behaves like a virtual assistant to you. All the information can be shared on Dashboard as announcement. Each conversation will be documented and you will save your precious time. The system is single point of coordination for every aspect of HR and Payroll activities.

  • Transparency:

    When you have Cloud Based Payroll Software implemented. All the updates are updated in centralized hub. This gives transparency to your organization and chances of miscommunications are almost none.

  • Easier Reporting:

    All the reports needed are automatically generated through Cloud Based Payroll Software solutions. It will chop down you manual process of generating reports and analyzing data. The Cloud framework has dashboards which gives you statistics you need. The HR & Payroll MIS reports get created easily in the system.

  • Reduced hassles:

    Cloud Based Payroll Software has mobile applications as well. You will experience a complete hassle free work life. Once the system is implemented, work stress reduces up to 70%. Try not to miss the nirvana!

  • Staying compliant with statutory compliances:

    The Cloud Based Payroll Software solutions are perfectly compliant as per Latest Indian laws and regulations. You can be 100% statutory compliant with Cloud Based Payroll software and put your TDS, Form 16, PF, PT and ESI worries to rest for good.

  • WFH (Work from Home) Friendly:

    Working from home has become a new normal work life now. In fact businesses are experiencing much better efficiency during lockdown. All credit goes to strong reporting systems at their ends. An employee performs productively when given a user friendly platform with all the information needed. Cloud Based Payroll Software solution has even come up with multiple attendance ideas especially keeping in mind the current Covid-9 situation. Employees can mark their attendance through their mobile phones itself.

  • Security:

    Cloud Based Payroll Software systems are secured when it comes to data breach, cyber-attack or any type of natural disaster which may damage your office infrastructure because your company’s data is securely backed up on cloud. Payroll information needs to be kept on hand for years, and cloud-based software makes storage and access easy.



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