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10 Benefits of Cloud Based HR & Payroll Softwares for HR Departments.

When your organization grows, not only the infrastructure but every person associated to your business, moves a step ahead. Your employee strength becomes your first priority as you need resources. But, the traditional way of working and managing people do not work successfully with high strength in companies, especially, when you have a growth mindset. Companies of all industries are now using Cloud based technology to manage complete functioning of businesses. When we talk about the base of every company; HR department, companies are now considering Cloud based HR software which are easily available in today’s techno smart era.

10 reasons why Cloud based HR & Payroll solutions are on the peak today

1) New aspect of security:

Before SaaS (Software as a service) based solutions were introduced; definition of security was very restricted. Security and data confidentiality is very important aspect for any business moving towards digital world. A latest Forrester research indicates that in the list of all concerns of businesses, data security tops the list. Need not to worry as risks of continuing with desktop based solutions are higher than Cloud based ones. The software providers take full responsibility and have strong back up policies for your data. There are strong authentications and implementations done by their end.

2) Pocket Friendly :

The tough days are gone when installing cloud based HR software was a time and resource taking task and where entire team of IT experts were needed to install and implement the system. Now, not only these HR & payroll solutions are smart but user friendly too. Anyone who is capable to use social media apps these days can easily use these tools.

3) Strong implementation & promising ROI :

With the introduction of new HRMS solution in your company, a strong implementation comes along. You go for the topmost software in the market but if it is not implemented effectively, it’s a waste. How will you get the return on investment after buying the desired subscription? It’s important for you to know whether it was a good buy. Cloud based HRMS tools have taken this strong point into consideration and after the effective use. Time invested on administrative and other tasks can be reduced up to 60% which is really high in terms of managing daily HR Chores.

4) Zero infrastructural need :

Cloud based HRMS tools does not need any kind of specific hardware or high end infrastructure. You will have to continue using the same device whether laptop, system or mobile phone and you are good to go.

5) Easily accessible :

Cloud based HRIS or HRMS tools save a lot of time as they are easily accessible from anywhere through any device. There are so many policies and configurations which are handled by the tool effortlessly and make your life hassle free. Your employees have easy access to the required information and data from any location.

6) Eliminates dependency level :

Since you and your team can access data from anywhere, anytime and from any device, it gives a broad perceptive towards work and makes everyone self-dependent which is not possible in on-premises solutions.

7) Online On-Boarding & Off Boarding :

An effective on boarding procedure results to maximum job satisfaction. The entire cloud based set up process for new hires requires coordination among multiple departments and tasks, online makes it easy. When an employee tends to leaves an organization automating the  off boarding process ensures no overdue task.

8) Mobile Based Access :

Today, maximum time spent by anyone is on mobile phones. It’s not only a need but has become an addiction because it has become a habit to check phone after every minute. On a professional side, HRMS tools which have mobile apps help your employees to stay connected with your team which simplifies the coordination. At the same time everyone can stay updated.

9) Quick Payroll processing :

Who does not know how the headache in processing payrolls ever month. While ensuring accuracy, one has to take care of different compliances, PF, TDS, loans and many more to calculate one’s salary. Cloud based payroll tools are much easier as while initial set up, every law and compliance is taken care.

10) Stay compliant with statutory reports and IT computation :

Managing businesses and staying compliant is a difficult task as it involves enormous tasks. Cloud based HRMS or HRIS tool helps you to setup compliances like PF, PT, LWF, ESI easily as compared to on premises system. It helps automate all the reports.  



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