Benefits of Employee self service in HR Payroll system

Employee Self Service is a web based application within the self-service portal which provides details of employee in real time and it can be accessed by the employees 24*7 to be updated about their position, performance and pay scale in an organisation. This employee data is also used by the HR Department to prepare their paychecks and other employee benefits.
There are lots of benefits of this software and most of the organisations have switched to ESS for centralised records of the employees, thereby improving the efficiency of HR department and employees.

Let us see the Benefits of ESS in HR Payroll system.

1. Real time Data: The data of the employees are available round the clock in real time so the data is up-to-date. 2. Accuracy: The data reflected in ESS is accurate as the software has various options to assess and calculate errors so there is no question of errors. Still if any employee is not satisfied with the outcome of ESS, they can directly approach HR. 3. Unique Login Id & Password: Each user is assigned a unique Employee id and password is created by the employee to access ESS software. This prevents others from accessing your confidential data and records. 4. View & Print Payslip: The record of each and every payslip is segregated in the system based on the financial year and the employee can view and print hardcopy of the same as per their requirements or even can send on their registered email id if they want paperless records. 5. Update Bank Records: Generally, the organisations transfer salary and other emoluments in bank. In case of any changes in bank details, the employees can update their bank records so that their monetary benefits don’t get stopped. 6. Boost Morale of the Employees: By providing all the details of the employees on ESS portal, the employees feel connected to the organisation and this boost their morale and thereby efficiency and productivity is increased. 7. Seamless Interconnectivity: ESS facilitates seamless interconnectivity between different departments and the HR details are at the click of the button. 8. Attendance Management: Since many organisations follow punching online attendance by time card or by logging into ESS. It helps HR to prepare the employees payroll according to their attendance. They don’t need to cross check with the employee or their seniors. 9. Income Tax details: ESS software reduces paperwork. You can access details of submission of TDS and income tax bracket and required papers can be obtained for filing the returns. 10. Centralised HR Documents: HR related documents such as employee handbook, medical benefits and coverage, term policy and other important details can be accessed and shared with other employees. Even leave application and approvals can be obtained in the ELSS system.
As the world is going digital and ESS software is the best tool to bring all the HR documents under a single umbrella. The organizations need to train and familiarize their employees with the process of ESS and the employee can be a master of his own records.